Plot Twist As Media Reports Sammi Cheng Paying Driver SGD$70K to Leak The Video



Lest you’re so young that you’ve not watched a single TVB drama before, let uncle here tell you how the plot usually works: the character who starts out as a good guy would turn bad in the end, and the one who appears as a bad guy would turn good soon.

Someone would hide her pregnancy, someone would realise he’s not the biological son of his parents and someone would just die.

Dramatic? Yes.

Predictable? Very.

But if you’ve no time to watch a 30-episode TVB drama, no worries; there’s one unfolding right here in real life, and ironically, these real-life characters are also actors in TVB.

And may I present The Story of Andy & Sammi, from reel life to real life, Episode 5:

Previously, on The Story of Andy & Sammi

You would have known about these if you’ve come to our app daily, because we’re busybody.

But lest you’ve missed a few episodes of The Story of Andy & Sammi, here’s a recap:


Episode 1: Andy Hui was filmed in the back of a taxi with Jacqueline Wong, and the video went viral. Andy Hui cried and apologised on live TV YouTube.

Episode 2: Kenneth Ma, the ex-boyfriend of Jacqueline Wong, appeared in an interview to defend Jacqueline Wong but did not reveal if they’re still together

Episode 3: Sammi Cheng finally responded, and hinted explicitly that she has forgiven Andy Hui

Episode 4: A good friend of Jacqueline posted on Instagram, claiming that Andy Hui had told Jacqueline that he intended to divorce Sammi Cheng as their marriage was rocky. Jacqueline only got together with him upon that promise.

And now…episode 5.

Sammi Allegedly Plotted Everything

Before you go apeshit and prepare rotten eggs, hold your horses.

Remember, over in Hong Kong, the media scene is a tad different: paparazzi hide as well as TP here in Singapore and yellow journalism, whereby stories are sensationalised with headlines as shocking as a Goody Feed headline, is rather common. This is especially true for celebrity news.

So, what happened?

According to Mirror Media, a Taiwan publication, everything is actually a well-orchestrated plan by the heavenly queen. Hong Kong entertainment industry insiders, if they were to be believed, painted a rather dramatic story behind the whole scandal.

Firstly, Sammi Cheng already knew about Andy Hui’s infidelity all along. She apparently knew the driver and has got the driver to record the footage in order to expose him.

Also, she allegedly paid HK$400,000 (about SGD$70K) to the driver to carry out the act.

With the additional amount of HK$1.5 million (SGD$226K) from Apple Daily, the driver could have pocketed a total sum of SGD$296K.



But there’s more.

Other Conspiracy Theories

The Sammi Cheng’s story has a text message as an evidence (though that can be fabricated, of course):

Image: YouTube (鏡週刊)

However, there are even more conspiracy theories that aren’t backed up by “evidence”.

In one, it’s alleged that the driver blackmailed Andy Hui for HK$400,000 (SGD$70,000). In another, it’s reported that Jacqueline plotted the whole story to force a divorce out from Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng.

You can watch the video here:

Now…if there’s one winner in the entire saga, I guess it’s not a person, but a company.

Anyone of you remembers TVB before this saga? No?

Now you do.



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