PMD Ban: GrabFood Warns Of Longer awaits, Cancelled Orders As 1/3 Riders Use PMD

Another day, another PMD article.

In fact, today’s the glorious day of the PMD ban. Which means extra PMD coverage because why not.

And at first, you’ll be cheering.

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It’s the day civilisation won! We shall have no more barbarians on footpaths!

But then you’ll start to realise…

Wait a minute, is this really right? Isn’t a ban a stance against the evolution of mankind? How will we transition to a world with seamless travel? 

And looking back at your situation, you’ll order GrabFood for lunch, and then you realise…

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The crisis is already here. Our technological breakthrough is being stinted by human stupidity.


1 In 3 Riders Uses E-Scooters

I’m not talking out of my behind here. GrabFood actually said that to The Straits Times, and specifically to GrabFood delivery said this:

“During this period, we would like to seek consumers’ understanding that they may have to wait longer for their orders or may experience an increase in cancellations by delivery partners who may not be able to cover the delivery distance on foot.”

Come, let me highlight the important parts for you.

wait longer for their orders” and “cancellations by delivery partners“.

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About 7,000 food delivery riders in S’pore use e-scooters, and most of them seem to be working for Grab.

But Not All Hope Is Lost… Yet?

If there’s anything that a corporation hates, it’s money and potential profits being taken away from them.

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This means Grab is already on the ball with plans to talk to the government to allow their responsible riders to continue using their e-scooters with conditions.

And if your preferred deliverer is Deliveroo, you can relax a little. Because their PMD and power-assisted bicycle riders are only 5% of their 6,000 riders.

This means minimal impact for Deliveroo, although they said they will stop working with errant riders who continue to use their e-scooters on footpaths.

Wait A Minute. Then The Poor Riders How?

Christ Lim, 27, a part-time food delivery rider who just joined GrabFood a week ago while looking for a full-time job, can only be described as suay.

Because he paid $949 for an e-scooter specifically for this part-time job.

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In case you’re wondering, the announcement for the ban was made on 4 November 2019.

And in case you’re doubting the efficiencies of an e-scooter, Mr Lim said that he can do three times more deliveries with an e-scooter compared to a bicycle in the same length of time.


“As it is, I am not even earning much. With the implementation of the ban, I will earn even less.”


Senior Minister of State for Transport Lam Pin Min, who was the one who announced the ban, also said authorities will work with Workforce Singapore (WSG) to look for new jobs. For instance, there is the job portal

Senior Minister of State for Transport Lam Pin Min, who announced the tougher regulations in Parliament yesterday, said that the authorities will work with Workforce Singapore (WSG) to help riders who may need to find new jobs as a result of the ban.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

In things other than efficiency ruined by PMD ban, we have e-scooter sharing services. (Even though we all know that bike-sharing failed because of similar reasons: human stupidity.)


The Land Transport Authority, for one, shelved their plans for e-scooter sharing services. Firms like Grab, Beam, and Anywheel also got to suspend their plans for e-scooter sharing.

To the inconsiderate riders who have caused the PMD ban:

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