PMD-related Accidents Tripled Last Year: 6 Topics S’poreans Talked About Today (19 May)


Okay, let’s be fair.

The rail-ly bad situation on the tracks had improved significantly from last year.

And, of course, everyone is prepared for the new fares (higher) that’ll kick in soon, right?

Well, some people think that the fares should include a component that allows us, mere mortals, to pay lesser for lousy train systems.

But not Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan.

Before that, let’s look at something on the pavements instead: PMD.

Yeah, those nasty high-speed thingy that you’ll have to avoid every single time you’re walking back home.

PMD-related Accidents Tripled in 2017

We’ve been talking about how personal mobility devices (PMDs) have been a blight on society.

But we’ve only been talking about it.

Now, cold hard statistics are available to prove what we’ve been saying.


On 18 May, Senior Minister of State (Transport) Lam Pin Min revealed that the number of PMD-related accidents has tripled in 2017.

There were 42 cases in 2016.

Last year, in 2017, it was 128 reported accidents.

He said that the government is currently seeking the Active Mobility Advisory Panel (AMAP) help in reviewing measures to curb down on errant riders.

Like getting riders to dismount and push their devices at crowded areas, bus stops and traffic crossings.

Despite the recent spate of accidents and new regulations, e-scooter riders are still behaving recklessly on the roads.


Besides regulations, the government is also stepping up on educating the public about how stupid it is to break rules and risk your own life.

Huh, never thought that needed teaching.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

New Regulations In Effect But People Still Testing The System

Since we’re on the topic of PMDs, here’s one more.


In a two-night operation held earlier this week by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and Traffic Police (TP), 10 devices that doesn’t comply with the new regulations were confiscated.

Including one that weighed slightly more than 64kg. That’s way heavier than some of us.


By the way, the permitted weight was 20kg for an electric scooter.

Wah, this one knock into people confirm that person die one.

In case you’ve forgotten, here’s the permitted dimensions and weight of personal mobility devices.


These 10 riders face harsher penalties as well.


Only in Goody Feed App: Japanese Railway Company Apologised For Train That Left Train Platform 25 Seconds Early

You might want to read this first before moving on to the next news.

While Singaporeans complained about 25 minutes delay on Thursday, a train in Japan left its station 25 seconds earlier and got into the news. You’ll be shocked at the “repercussions” it would have.


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Transport Minister: Reducing Fares When Rails Are Unreliable Will Worsen The Situation


On 18 May, Transport Minister Khaw said that public transport fares and reliability are two different things.

MP for Nee Soon GRC Lee Bee Wah and Non-Constituency MP Dennis Tan had asked if it was possible to include the factor of rail reliability and service standards into the fare calculation.


Transport Minister Khaw said that this could potentially “worsen the situation”.

When rails are unreliable, that’s when more resources must be pumped in to improve rail reliability.

By reducing fares, which means reducing the amount of resources operators can pump into improving the rails.

He added that rail reliability is an important thing but must be dealt with separately.

He assured the MPs that he will “see to it” and that he deals with rail reliability by exerting pressure on the operators.

It’s not possible to improve the train system without money, he added and he hopes Singaporeans understand that as well.

Justification For Parking Charges ‘An Insult To Teachers’


In case you’ve forgotten after so many things happened, teachers have to pay for parking charges at the school they work at.

This issue was brought up again to the limelight when MP for Marine Parade GRC called the move “laughable and an insult to teachers“.


The Ministry of Education said that the schools’ carparks are located close to public carparks, and only accessible by the school’s staff and approved visitors.

Therefore, in order to keep with its clean wage policy, teachers must pay for parking.

Because free parking is a taxable benefit.

Mr Seah said that the MOE shouldn’t view this issue from a purely economic perspective.

Teachers have to buy their own red pens to mark papers and they have to buy thumbs up stickers to reward students.

The teachers don’t say, “Oh, MOE pays for whiteboard markers only so I’ll use the markers to mark papers then.”

He said that Singapore should stop taking the quick, cheap and efficient solution at all times.

Instead, it has to look at what is fair, just and right.

5 NSL MRT Stations To Have Shorter Operating Hours On June

Here’s a little heads up for you to plan your weekends in June.

Especially those staying along the North-South Line.

Specifically, those who need the MRT to travel out from Yishun, Sembawang, Khatib, Admiralty and Yio Chu Kang stations.

SMRT announced on 18 May that these five stations will have shorter operating hours. They’ll close at 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and open at around 8 am on Saturdays and Sundays.

The only exceptions are 15, 16 and 17 June.

Services will be extended on the eve of Hari Raya Puasa on 14 June.

During the closures, commuters can still travel from Jurong East to Woodlands, and Ang Mo Kio and Marina South Pier stations.

There’ll be a shuttle bus to facilitate travel between Woodlands and Ang Mo Kio stations.

There’ll be a direct bus service, 17, to bring commuters to the downtown line at Bukit Panjang.

Drunk Woman Groped By Man Who Pretended To Comfort Her at Clark Quay

There’s a saying my dad used to say.

It’s okay to go drinking, but make sure you’re not alone when you’re vulnerable.

Because no matter how safe Singapore is, there’ll still exist people like Gregersen Tommy.

On 11 Aug, the Norwegian man came across the 24-year-old victim who left Zouk alone because she was feeling nauseous.

She was seated at a bench when she threw up.

He approached her and brought her to another bench to rest.

Then, the victim’s phone rang. It was her cousin calling, concerned about where she was.

He picked up the call and told her where they were.

Then, he started patting her back.

When he saw that she was unresponsive, he got daring and unfastened her bra before groping her chest.

When she still did not respond, he started touching her private parts.

Her cousin arrived later and took the victim home.

It wasn’t specified out his crime was discovered.

He pleaded guilty on 18 May and will return to court on 25 May.

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