PMD Rider Crashes Into 3YO Girl At Void Deck; 3YO Suffered Minor Injury On Thigh

Image: Yahoo Singapore (Image for illustration purpose only)


Once again, we report another PMD collision article.

This time, it involves a three-year-old girl.

According to a CCTV footage posted onto Facebook by the girl’s father, Garnell Glenn Bernard, the incident occurred on Sunday, 6 October at around 8.30pm.

The girl can be seen walking around at her HDB void deck. She goes behind the pillar and all of a sudden, a guy on his PMD can be seen zooming towards her.

As it was covered by the pillar, it is not certain as to how the collision occurred – whether he swerved to avoid her or he tried to brake but was unable to stop in time.

But whatever it is, the video then shows him fly onto the ground while wails of the crying girl can be heard.

The collision caused a loud crash, causing all the people around them to turn and rush to the crying girl.


In his post, Bernard mentioned that his daughter sustained minor injuries on her thigh.

After confronting the PMD rider, he claimed that he was only riding at 17km/h.


Right… You were riding at that speed but you failed to brake in time. Hmm… Sounds a bit suspicious, don’t you think?

Netizens React

Many of the netizens then commented on Bernard’s post wishing for his daughter’s recovery. They also condemned the PMD rider for riding at the void deck.

Image: Facebook (Garnell Glenn Bernard)
Image: Facebook (Garnell Glenn Bernard)
Image: Facebook (Garnell Glenn Bernard)
Image: Facebook (Garnell Glenn Bernard)

Many of them seem to only want one thing, which is for the ban to come true.

The question remains. Just how many more incidents like these before a ban will finally be implemented?

Sadly, with every passing day where PMDs are not banned, more of them get away with being reckless and causing harm to people. While we understand that there are some PMD riders who are very careful in the way that they ride so as to not pose any danger to the people around them, there still exist many riders who don’t seem to care.

Just like how the actions of one killed a 65-year-old lady, it is only a matter of time before the next case is reported.

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