Pokemon Go Player Attacked And Robbed While Livestreaming ; Video Went Viral


Twitch is a server in which viewers get to watch game players stream real time live streaming of games online. It is becoming the world’s largest video gaming site on the net. Viewers get to interact and leave comments and reaction to the video which is streamed by players.

If you are still a die-hard fan of Pokemon GO, and have been lurking around in parks late at night, you will need to be cautious of your surroundings. A Pokemon GO player and a Twitch game streamer, Rickeybot, recently got assaulted while walking around New York City playing the popular game.

The video of him getting assaulted went viral: it shows how Rickeybot got attacked while playing Pokemon GO near the Sweeny Memorial Bench “Pokestop” at midnight. The assailant’s face was clear for a few seconds: he was wearing a camera/flashlight mounted on top of his head, and the video also showed how the victim pleaded “No,no,no..” when the assailant ordered him to “take it off, let’s go!”.

The rest of the video footage showed how the assailant fled the scene, breathing intensely and running. Viewers reacted with comments such as “if you read this you thief, we saw your face, you will be in jail soon!” You can watch his unfortunate accident in the video blow.

Thankfully, Rickeybot posted on his twitter indicating that his injuries were not so serious as it seemed.

“Scan on jaw was negative, so just swollen for a few days. Bump on head was from hitting the pavement and blood was from scratch on elbow.”

However, Pokemon Go players will still have to beware of your surroundings whenever playing the popular game. You definitely wouldn’t want to end up like Rickeybot. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

Featured Image: YouTube (LiveStreamFails)

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