Pokemon GO Players Fill Up Parking Lots at Hougang Ave 10, Challenges Resident to Call The Police


If you think that the crowd at Hougang is going to dissipate soon, you can just forget about it. After occupying the playground at Hougang 401, some of the Pokemon GO players have since migrated to the parking lots at Hougang Ave 10.

In order words, Hougang just became the next Pallet Town.


In an article by Stomp, an Hougang resident was annoyed when a Pokemon Go player taunted her father to call the police when he politely asked if they could give up their parking spots to the residents at Hougang Ave 10.

“The person was very rude and challenged my dad to call the police,” said Lin.

“This is really the most terrible of zombified Pokemon-hunters.

“So angry.”

The large group of Pokemon GO trainers gathered at the carpark and had no intention to leave, blocking the parking spaces meant for the residents in the estate.

Till now, the Goody Feed team still has no clue on why Hougang is such a prime spot for Pokemon GO players. Can any kind soul please just enlighten us?

This post was first published on Goodyfeed.com