Pokémon Uncle Sold All 250 Pokémon after Someone Played Him Out


Is it a prank? A dare? Impulse? Idiocy? Or simply pure evilness of the human heart?

Which of it, we probably might never know as someone ordered 250 Pokemon soft toys from Uncle David, aka “Pokemon soft toy uncle“, and never came to collect ’em. Again we might never know about the reason why that irresponsible living organism decided to leave David up high and dry and without a single clue of what to do with 250 Pokemon plushies. Hey, it is not as though David is Octavian in the Percy Jackson books who  sacrifices stuffed toys to obtain prophecies (actually, that is an interesting thought, isn’t it?).

Uncle David, 65, a resident of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is diagnosed with leukemia and sells soft toys and trinkets to sustain himself. He is a humble, honest, and hardworking man but an irresponsible and cruel person decided to leave him in the lurch by ordering 250 Pokemon and conveniently disappearing from the face of the earth. Despite his financial predicament, Uncle David still manages a smile for the camera.

But this is only the surface of his hard life. Uncle David, Or David Christopher in full, moved to Kuala Lumpur when he was 50, sacrificing a high income job managing discos, so that his son, who was then 5 could study in the capital. He turned to selling soft toys on the streets to earn an income and spend more time with his child. Now, his son is 20 and studying in the United States on a scholarship.

Fortunately, a netizen (bless your kind soul) went on social media and implored people to help David out. The post was accompanied by a picture of Uncle David being surrounded by piles of stuffed toys. It worked as many shared the old man’s location, resulting in crowds flocking to buy the toys.  According to David, 190 toys were sold within 2 hours and the eventually the rest were too. He expressed his appreciation for the public support and social media but will not accept additional payment for his toys as he insists on honesty by maintaining his price. Demand was so overwhelming that he had to bring in more stock. Previously, he struggled to sell 50 toys a week, now he sells about 500 a day.

Featured image: www.straitstimes.com

This article was first published on goodyfeed.com