Police Called in Just for an Argument Involving ‘You’re Fat’ & Profanities in a Bookstore

Image: Wangsa Walk Mall & Jan Rick Camara Mascarina Facebook Page (Image is for illustration purpose only)

Back in Secondary School, I had a habitual fear of my own weight. Not because I had to contend with layers of fat in the mirror, but because I had to face such comments on a near-routine basis:

“You’re fat.”

“You’re a piggg.”

“You’re a fat piggg.”

Incidentally, the last sentence was uttered with a near soprano-pitch, so insulting as it sounds it did occur pretty melodiously as well. Weird combo if you ask me.

But anyway, now that I’m all grown up, I would half-expect never to hear that insulting word ever again. Not just because I’ve somewhat slimmed down since then, but because I’m a grown-up now and shouldn’t have to tolerate any more childish banter.


Well, not quite.

As Mascarina would probably attest to, growing up might save you from 99.99% of direct, straightforward insults…

But there’s still that 0.01% chance of it happening.

Discriminated against for being “fat”

On 9 March, Facebook user Jan Rick Camara Mascarina posted a rather ‘traumatising’ personal experience on the social media platform, in which he chronicled his reactions at being called “fat” and the subsequent events that followed.

Here’s the post:

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Lest you can’t read it for some inexplicable reason, here’s a rough breakdown:

  • Mascarina was at a Popular Bookstore in White Sands, browsing through supplies in the pen aisle with his friend JJ.
  • A woman, who was browsing the same aisle, walked past and some boxed items fell to the floor.
  • Perceiving it as his fault, Mascarina proceeded to pick up the boxes.
  • At this point, the woman shook her head, let out a loud sigh and began picking up the other boxes with a visible black-face.
  • Mascarina was confused for a sec, before JJ pointed at the woman’s huge shoulder bag (the actual cause) and asked him what her problem was.
  • Realising that it wasn’t his fault and that his help was met with less than pleasant behaviour, Mascarina lamented something along the lines of “she knock things and I help her, still give me black face.”
  • She shot back with the golden words: “It’s because you’re fat.”
  • JJ went with a “Wow” before Mascarina followed up with “are you serious right now?”
  • In response, the woman accused him of blocking the way.
  • Mascarina wasn’t gonna take it lying down, and he shot back with a “you’re a b***h.”
  • This prompted her to go on the defensive, accusing him of ‘attack with vulgar language’ and threatening to call the police. She also questioned the pair’s upbringing and in the process, insulted their parents as well.
  • Mascarina didn’t hold back, shouting “you’re an old f**king b***h with serious problems, don’t bring my parents into it” at her.
  • She threatens to call the police again.
  • Insults were traded back and forth like Rasengans and Chidoris. The woman starts calling her husband and in the meantime, continues threatening to dial 999.
  • Mascarina does it for her. For the first time in his life.
  • They were escorted out of the bookstore by staff members, and the husband turned up.
  • The woman proceeds with some presumed brainwashing, speaking to some staff members and her husband in and out of Mandarin and focusing on the fact that he had used vulgarities on her.
  • Mascarina, who knew Mandarin as well, then interjected in Mandarin “don’t have to present only your side of the story, let’s wait for the police.”
  • The husband then asked the pair about the exact details. Hoping he will serve as a mediator, Mascarina began explaining.
  • Halfway through, the mediator said: “I will sue you. I will bring you to civil court.”
  • The mediator then asked if there was CCTV footage in the outlet, before proceeding to call the police too.
  • At this point, Mascarina all but gave up any hopes of peaceful mediation.
  • They start waiting for the police.
  • While waiting, the woman continued rambling outside of the store, apologising to staff and “focusing solely on the fact that I used profanities and how there were kids around, and she didn’t want to disrupt their business and pollute young minds”.
  • Somewhere in there, she sneaks in an “anyway it’s true what. He is fat!”
  • Mascarina shot back: “Look, bring me to court if you want, bring the police if you want. If I were a bitch like you, I’d be taking a video of you and posting this online, to see what people have to say. Let’s just wait for the police to come and leave it to them. Please stop talking to me.”
  • The hubby shot back: “We won’t leave it to them. You’re going to court!”
  • The husband apparently had a look of utter satisfaction at this point.
  • The police finally came.
  • The statements of Mascarina and JJ were then taken down, and the pair was advised to be on their way and to avoid the couple.
  • The police also warned that if the couple chose to pursue the case, they could.
  • And that’s why Mascarina drafted up this entire, oh-so-lengthy post, in order to have a defensive shield should all shit hit the fan.
  • In the end, Mascarina admits that he is fat.
  • He then suggests that the ma’am should admit that she’s a bonafide b***h too.
  • As part of a postscript, he issues an apology to the Singapore Police Force.
Image: Jan Rick Camara Mascarina Facebook Page

Netizens speak out

Suffice it to say that the post soon got viral, with 198 comments and 453 shares and counting. It has to be noted that the Netizens are largely supportive of Mascarina as well.

Image: Jan Rick Camara Mascarina Facebook Page
Image: Jan Rick Camara Mascarina Facebook Page

But to be fair, there’re some less-than-positive comments regarding Mascarina’s behaviour.

Image: Jan Rick Camara Mascarina Facebook Page
Image: Jan Rick Camara Mascarina Facebook Page

And so… what’s the conclusion here?

Well, I’m not exactly Gawd so I’m hardly qualified to judge. And so I’ve gotten my Aunt Matilda in to comment about the topic. For those unaware, Aunt Matilda’s basically a literal version of the middle-aged woman in the context.

Aunt Matilda: … did you just insult me?

Of course not! I’m just saying that she’s as… nice as you.

Aunt Matilda: … you better watch your back you punk. But right readers, the story to take away here? Don’t f*cking bother with people who don’t deserve your time. You’ve so much more productive things to do than to argue with lost causes.

I’m surprised, Aunt Matilda. I was sure that you’ll side with the auntie or something.

Aunt Matilda: You better get your ass here punk I’m about to smack your ass.

Ouch, stahp it Aunt Matilda you’re hurting me!

Editor: This article has been ended because the ending’s way too lame.

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