Someone Made a Police Report Against a Person Who Flipped the Bird at Police Cameras

Everyone has their own opinions about certain matters.

However, we should also take care of how we post and express these things on social media.

The internet is the world’s biggest public space, after all.

But is it also bo liao if someone reports a Facebook post as a police complaint?

Pointed Middle Finger At Camera

On 11 Sept, a woman known as Averyn was accompanied along with other activists to Tanglin Police Division.

This was regarding a post she had made on 9 Nov 2019.

You can read it here but do beware of some strong language in the post.

It contained a picture of her flipping the bird at some police camera at the Speakers Corner in Hong Lim Park

Image: Facebook (Averyn)

It was also accompanied by a lengthy written caption on silence over marginalised communities, mental health issues and “militarised surveillance.”

Another activist, Jolovan Wham, mentioned that someone filed a police report against her on 15 May.

Then, on 11 Sept, Wham uploaded a picture of him together with several other activists in support of Averyn when she attended the police interview.

We were at Tanglin Police Division just now to show support and solidarity to activist Averyn who is being investigated…

Posted by Jolovan Wham on Friday, 11 September 2020

His Facebook post has garnered 25 comments and been shared 72 times as of this writing.

He mentioned that they were outside KK hospital instead as photos were not allowed outside the police station.

Netizens Confused

Before we go further, let’s have a small history lesson.

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The Speakers’ Corner is Singapore’s first and only outdoor venue where its citizens are permitted to give public speeches without the Public Entertainment Licence.

Image: Los Angeles Times

By 2008, Speaker’s Corner had a boom of activities, with a number of events attracting crowds of hundreds or thousands.

So basically, it’s Singapore’s ‘free speech corner’.

Some like journalist Kirsten Han questioned why Averyn was reported.

It’s worth noting that Averyn is at Speakers’ Corner, the only park in Singapore where Singaporeans and PRs can demonstrate without needing prior police permission. But apparently this sort of solo demonstration, even in the “free speech park”, will still get you in trouble,” she said in her tweet.

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Comments in both of Wham’s posts showed that other netizens were confused as well.

Image: Facebook (Jolovan Wham)

Some comments also mocked the police for getting offended just over a gesture.


The Singapore Police Force (SPF) has acknowledged the case and are looking into it.

“A report was lodged and investigations are ongoing.”

We will keep you updated regarding follow-ups to this situation.

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