Police Investigating Incidents of Heavy Vehicle Convoy & Supercars Gathering That Went Viral


If you were part of the crowd that saw a large group of vehicles driving in a convoy near Geylang Serai on 24 April, you might have wondered what exactly happened to them after that.

Well, here’s your answer.

Last Sunday (24 April), a convoy of various vehicles drove from Changi Road to towards Geylang Road.

With a large variety of vehicles such as prime movers, minibuses and lorries joining in, there were over 30 vehicles driving past Geylang Serai.

Drivers also honked their horns and flashed their lights, attracting the curiosity and amusement of many passersby.

And if you weren’t there, here’s something that might help you visualise the entire scene a little better.


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Of course, many people along the road stopped to snap photos and videos of the sight and uploaded them to social media, which in turn attracted the attention of the police.

The police then started investigating the incident, as it was considered an event that was held without a permit.

And recently, the police confirmed that they have determined the identity of the event organisers, who are three men between the age of 22 and 26.

“The three men will be investigated for conducting an event on the road without a permit,” the police added.

According to local Chinese news outlet 8World News, the event was organised by Team Hiroshima Singapore, a local truck driver group.

Nas, the organiser of the event, mentioned that the group of drivers had planned to drive past the Geylang Serai area on the eve of Hari Raya Aidilfitri (2 May) to celebrate.

With the COVID-19 safe management measures (SMMs) relaxed ahead of the Hari Raya Puasa festivities, the group decided to push the celebration forward to 24 April instead.

Convoy of Motorcycles Caught During TP and LTA’s Enforcement Operation

And if you think that that’s the only recent incident related to vehicles on the road, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Just last Saturday (30 April), the Traffic Police (TP) and Land Transport Authority (LTA) carried out a joint enforcement operation in order to monitor traffic and offences related to illegal vehicle modification.

While carrying out the operation, the TP and LTA saw a convoy of motorcycles that were travelling on Changi Road towards Geylang Road.

Image: Singapore Police Force

After stopping the motorcyclists, the authorities began investigations.

“The police have identified two men, aged 22 and 23 years old, as the organisers. They will be investigated for conducting an event on the road without a permit,” the authorities announced.

Apart from conducting the event, many of the motorcycles were found to have illegally modified their vehicles.

The modifications included improper lighting systems, modified exhaust systems and non-compliant tinted films.

The authorities also issued a summons for a type of protective helmet that was unapproved.


Kallang Car Gathering

Apart from the two aforementioned incidents, there was also another car gathering that took place last Friday (29 April).

At the open-air car park outside Decathlon at Kallang, a large group of cars and car enthusiasts came together to enjoy the sight of each other’s vehicles.

And before you wonder what’s so cool about a bunch of cars, here’s a taster of some of the cars that gathered at the car park.

@sandraesper Tokyo Drift? nah it’s Kallang Macs Drift! #singapore #singaporecars #carsoftiktok #supercars #jdm #sportscars ♬ Tokyo Drift (Refix) – Rosh Blazze

The cars included Lamborghinis, sports cars as well as a wide variety of vintage cars, which clearly got many car enthusiasts excited.

@mcspicyumyum mega meet #tiktoksg #cartok #bsmnt1 #carsoftiktok #fyp #intothenight ♬ original sound – honeycomb

@theryandudeee The mega meet was crazy💥💥 #jdmcarsoftiktok #tiktoksg #fyp ♬ original sound – Fast Furious Presents

Those at the scene even called the gathering a “mega meet”.

Apparently, the gathering was organised by Basement 1, a car enthusiast group in Singapore.

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The group later took to Facebook on 30 April to address the situation and clarify some issues.

Basement 1 also explained that they were “aware that law enforcement was present during the event”.


“Initially, they did not take action as they already knew of this event and gave the green light to proceed as it was very clear that no rules were broken to organise a meet,” their statement mentioned.

“However, there were people being irresponsible at the end of the meet and we sadly could not control them. Therefore, law enforcement had to take action.”

For conducting an event on a road without a permit, an offender can be jailed for up to three months and fined up to $1,000.

The maximum penalty is doubled for repeat offenders.

“The police would like to remind the public that conducting an event on any road or part thereof without a police permit is illegal in Singapore and we will not hesitate to take firm action against those who choose to flout our law,” the police concluded.

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