Police Investigating Man Who Touched Himself In Front Of Secondary School Girl In Viral Video

Image: Twitter

In Singapore, we have a culture of shooting video and shaming them online later. Kind of like a dystopia big brother future thing we thought will never come.

In some cases, the person taking the video goes too far. Either because he (or she) decided to film instead of helping or shame for the sake of shaming.

Then came along this dude who decided to show that sometimes, a viral video (or in this case, videos) is what’s needed to get the stuff done.

Man Touched Himself In Viral Videos

If you’ve been online since 2 July, you might have been aware of an incident that went viral in Singapore.

A series of videos made its way onto Twitter.

The content? A man touching himself on the bus in front of a secondary school girl.

Luckily for the secondary school girl, a man named Yang decided to step in.

He got the girl to follow him down the bus and told the bus driver what happened. Then, they trapped the man within the bus while waiting for the police to arrive.

Police Involved 

So, as mentioned previously, they managed to keep the man on the bus until the men in blue arrived.

Mr Yang then handed over the footage and told them what happened.

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And according to reports, the police is launching an investigation into the incident.

What He Did Differently

So why is Mr Yang regarded a hero when other people aren’t as celebrated? It’s how he handled the situation.

True, he captured footage on his phone to upload to the internet (same as other users), but here’s what he did different: he stepped in and offered his assistance too.

And netizens seem to agree.

I’m guessing it’s time to use Grab’s latest advertisement tagline for him: Be Like Yang. Go viral, but help out too.