Cop Who Worked While Pregnant Quit SPF & She Didn’t Leave on Good Terms


When on the topic of memorable police officers that have caught the public’s attention over the years, you’d probably think of Yandao Policeman.

But many of us might also remember Reema Razif, a police officer from the Singapore Police Force (SPF) who went viral after a photo of her in uniform while pregnant was uploaded onto social media.

And if you need a little refresher, here’s who I’m talking about:

The post, which was uploaded onto Reema’s personal Facebook account during the Circuit Breaker period in 2020, gained the attention of many Singaporeans back then.

Reema’s post soon racked up over 6,800 reactions, 476 comments and 2,900 shares on Facebook after it was posted.

Many praised Reema’s dedication to her job despite having to juggle her pregnancy and family as well, while others thanked her for continuing to keep Singapore safe especially since it was the start of the pandemic.

“Would I like to be at home? Be with my kids? Of course! I too feel worried and anxious. But, selflessness is fulfilling,” she included in her caption.

And even though it seems like Reema enjoyed her job as a police officer immensely back then, it seems like things have changed drastically since then.

Posted on Facebook that She Quit SPF

More than two years after her original post went viral, Reema posted a black-and-white version of the same photograph on her Facebook account with a lengthy caption on Monday (7 June).

Reema started her post by saying, “After a whirlwind of emotions, fickle thoughts & countless contemplation, I finally geared up the courage to walk away.”

Yup, she chose to leave SPF.

She then expressed how she felt fearful and guilty about her decision, especially since she has four children who are five years old and below.

She also shared that she had “zero back-up plan” regarding the family’s source of income.

“Was I being irresponsible? Or am I setting an example for them? To never settle and follow your heart? It was definitely a mental turmoil & not an easy decision to make. But thru the support of my loved ones, I managed to brave this step,” she added.


She also touched on how she “truly gave [her] 100%” to Singapore and its people throughout the 11 years that she was with the SPF, and that it was her career but also her life.

“I have no regrets because I loved every bit of it. Being able to help others even in any small way possible was the best fulfilment (at that time),” she wrote.

Treated Unfairly During Pregnancies

Reema then went on to discuss the reasons behind her resignation from SPF.

Firstly, she revealed that “it was and never will be enough”, and that her performance grade was negatively impacted solely due to the fact that she was pregnant.

“Being told that my performance grade dropped “cos you were pregnant what” and being advised to “take up some projects during your maternity leave” was not something I could resonate with.


“Working throughout my pregnancies, lifting heavy equipments for my peers (Willingly), sacrificing meals because my work was my priority, getting into labour while at work for 2 out of 4 of my pregnancies, going to the hospital in my uniform, still did not suffice to see me as a “performing” worker I guess,” she wrote.

With regards to the initial post that went viral in 2020, she also claimed that she was not allowed to reply to any comments or requests for “further exposure” by the SPF.

Realised that She “Did Not Matter”

Reema then went on to explain that she realised how she was “dispensable” and that she “was just another employee”, which ultimately prompted her to quit her job.

“This reassured me that I made the right decision for myself. Now, I get a lot of scribbled “I love you mommy” cards which is indeed gratifying,” she added.

She also mentioned that she comes from “a very average family with humble backgrounds”, and that she wishes to find a job where she can reap the fruits of her labour and feel reciprocated because she understands that she is capable of doing well.

“I just want to say to those out there who have been considering hard to leave their jobs; Life is really too short. Sometimes you just need to jump into the open sea (after carefully deliberating of course).


“This is not directed to the organisation, this is me sharing MY personal experience as an individual.

“Those who are striving, may you continue to soar & succeed! You have my utmost respect & sincere wishes,” she concluded.

Netizens’ Reactions

After reading Reema’s post, many netizens expressed their sympathy for her plight and criticised the SPF for their work environment, as well as how they handled her situation.

There were also many netizens who applauded Reema for her courage in coming forth with her story.

“I do not know you miss but you definitely have my utmost respect for making a really good decision.


“You have definitely spoken for those who dare not speak due to being worried that it might affect their careers.

“Sadly though, this will unlikely change, ever. Thank you for your service and may you have a blessed life ahead with your family,” one commenter wrote.

Apart from that, there were also netizens who shared their own experiences of leaving their jobs after a long period of time, with most of them expressing that it was the right decision for them and that they are much happier now.

SPF’s Response

After Reema’s post went viral, the SPF released the following post on their Facebook page yesterday (8 June):

In the post, the SPF highlighted that it “builds fair and progressive workplaces for our employees”, and that female employees are not at a disadvantage simply due to their gender.

“The SPF does not penalise officers who are pregnant and instead, provides alternative work arrangements to ensure their well-being,” the SPF explained.

It also went on to describe that Reema was “given light duty assignments that were primarily desk-bound” during her four pregnancies from 2016 to 2021, and claimed that she was not told to work during her paid maternity leave.


“Reema received a performance grade similar to many of her colleagues in the Police Land Division, while she was in service,” it added.

The SPF then touched on how it takes a firm stance against workplace discrimination practices”, and how it offers SPF officers various platforms to raise their concerns and complaints regarding such issues if they have any.

“Such complaints are looked into seriously,” SPF emphasised.

With regards to how Reema was not allowed to respond to comments on her viral post in 2020, the SPF clarified that the Public Sector rules “disallow officers from commenting on issues relating to their own agency or policies they are involved in, without prior authorisation”.

“Reema was thus advised accordingly by her supervisor for not seeking clearance for her post, but she was not penalised for the incident.”

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Netizens’ Reactions

Following the SPF’s statement, netizens flocked to express their opinions in the comments section, which has amassed over 490 comments thus far.

On one hand, apart from those who supported the SPF’s statement, there were also netizens who pointed out that a grading system in an organisation like the SPF is necessary.

They then said that it was “justified” that Reema received a lower rating if she was exempt from most activities due to her pregnancy since her other colleagues would still need to participate in those activities.

However, there were also netizens who felt that the SPF could do better and noted that some of the issues that Reema raised came from the people in her former workplace instead of the actual system.

“Her post with the quote “you were pregnant what..” that must have come from somewhere in her team.. hope spf addresses that issue as well, especially coming from a govt agency itself,” one Facebook user commented.

A handful of Facebook users also urged the Ministry of Manpower or the SPF to conduct an internal investigation to ensure that an unbiased recount of the issue can be obtained in order to improve the work environment.

There were also commenters who sided with Reema.

As one commenter put it, “After all, why would she make all those accusations up? She has literally nothing to gain.”

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