Police Report Made After SIA Allegedly Caused the Death of a Dog


Let’s face it, when it comes to handling luggage and other items, airlines don’t really have a good rep.

I mean, it’s perfectly normal to send a good luggage to the plane only to get it back damaged.

And it’s so normal that people no longer go after airlines for compensation. They approach their travel insurance companies instead.

Well, let’s just say that someone finally had enough and decided to do something about it.

Here’s what happened to SIA over the past couple of days.

Family Flies SIA To Vietnam, Together With 4-Year-Old American Cocker Spaniel

On 7 Sep 2017, Facebook user Shabana Mary Kuruvilla recounted her traumatic experience with Singapore’s pride and joy, Singapore Airlines, on her Facebook account.

The post has since taken off faster than 1,035 shares and over 600 comments.

Here’s what she said

On 2 Sep, she and her family went to Changi Airport earlier to check in their luggage and Charlie, their 4-year-old American Cocker Spaniel.

According to Singapore Airlines policy, pets are considered as excess baggage and they had paid for the charges.

However, they were informed at the counter that there were some changes to the policy and they had to pay charges for ‘pet handling’ as well.

Charlie was distressed before the flight

The crate that Charlie will be leaving Singapore in is secured with plastic tags. She even offered to leave his leash with them in case they need to let him out of the crate.

But they declined. She mentioned that the staff at the counter seems afraid of the dog as well.

When they were at the boarding gate, airline staff informed them that their dog appeared anxious and had some mucus.

They asked the family if they wanted to see the dog but they declined.

Before the plane took off, the pilot informed the passengers that there is a pet on board the flight.


But there wasn’t. Their dog died in Singapore.

Imagine their surprise when they got to Ho Chi Minh and discovered that their dog, unfortunately, died.

And that’s not the best part.

Their dog never even boarded the plane and died back in Singapore.

Unable to get straight answers out from Singapore Airlines’ staff at Vietnam, the family bought another plane ticket and made their way back to Singapore to collect the dog’s body.

The dog allegedly died in the holding area

According to the post, when asked why the family wasn’t informed prior to take-off, SIA allegedly responded that the boarding gates had closed and they did not want to delay the flight.


When they saw his dead body back in Changi Airport, they discovered that the dog had chewed through his wee pad.

And he had allegedly chewed on his own paws as well in a panic attack.

The family felt that the dog might have died of a stress-induced heart attack.

They insisted that their dog was healthy before the flight. He was even certified fit-for-travel by a vet.


They have since reported the incident to the police as they think that the airline was negligent in handling their dog.

They also warn other pet owners from flying with Singapore Airlines.

SIA is currently conducting their own investigation into the matter and would like to express their condolences to the family for their loss.

Moral of the story? Airlines cannot be trusted with baggage, what more a life.



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