Police Following Up With Sylvia Lim Who Said in Parliament That Her Phone Was Nearly Hacked


Remember when Worker’s Party (WP) chairman Ms Sylvia Lim said that her iPhone might have been “the subject of hacking by state-sponsored attackers”?

The Minister for Home Affairs, Mr K. Shanmugam, has asked the police to follow up with Ms Lim on the matter. Here’s what happened.

Directed Police To Be Transparent About The Examination

In a statement on Saturday (19 February), a police spokesman said that Ms Lim’s claim was a very serious allegation and had potential implications on national security.

Mr Shanmugan had directed the police to follow up with Ms Lim, and asked them to engage a commercial expert in this field to conduct the examination.

He had also instructed the police to ensure that the process to handle and examine her phone is secure, auditable and transparent.

The police has since written to Ms Lim to advise her to file a police report. If she does not wish to file a report, she can hand her phone over to the police for a forensic examination.

Wait, Who Hacked Whose Phone?

If you’re not caught up with Parliament drama, WP chairman and a Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC Ms Sylvia Lim claimed that her iPhone issued a threat warning. Her iPhone allegedly informed her that her phone has been the subject of hacking by “state-sponsored attackers”.

“So based on what the Minister of State said just now that reliance on technology is required for national security reasons, can I get his confirmation that I should have absolutely no concerns that the Singapore government agencies are trying to hack into my phone?”

Yes, this is just a fancy way of accusing the government of hacking your phone. 

In response, Shanmugam questioned her intentions of raising the issue in Parliament instead of informing the relevant authorities and conducting an investigation.

He said that by raising the issue in Parliament, he assumes that her intention is to publicise the fact instead of actually investigating. Minister of State Tan Kiat How agreed with this.


Basically, they’re saying she’s trying to stir up drama lah.

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Since she started this, it seems like Mr Shanmugam is determined to get to the bottom of this, and noted that the Home Affairs Ministry (MHA) will be interested to see the alerts Ms Lim got. He would also like to find out who is trying to hack her phone.

With lots of Parliament drama recently, I sense this to be the start of yet another saga.

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