Poly Student Reportedly Trapped Girl In Toilet & Molested Her While Pretending To Help ‘Look For Her Pencil’

There are a lot of things secondary school kids do that get on the nerves of teachers.

Some students are notorious for being late, while others just take 10,000 MCs so they can sit at home and play Fortnite all day.

Others lure girls into the toilet by asking them to help look for a pencil, before molesting them:

Poly Student Reportedly Trapped Girl In Toilet & Molested Her While Pretending To Help ‘Look For Her Pencil’

A 17-year-old pleaded guilty in November last year to molesting a girl. He and the victim cannot be named in order to protect the victim’s identity.

It didn’t begin in the toilet, it began back in a Yishun flat in July 2019, where he first molested the 17-year-old victim.

I know what you’re thinking. It could’ve happened anywhere but it had to happen in Yishun.

Just one week later in August, he did it again when they went to their alma mater to assist with National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) training.

After the training, they went to the canteen with friends. This was when he told her that a mutual friend had borrowed a pencil from him earlier that day and that he needed help to find it.

They first searched the classrooms but to no avail, so they thought that it would be a swell idea to take a look at the girls’ toilets, because where else could a pencil be.

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The Pen That Got Away

He sneakily told the girl to check to see if the toilet was empty before he went in and suggested going to the last and biggest cubicle in search for the pen that got away.

After they went in, he locked the door and grabbed her breast. She tried to kick him but he touched her private parts instead.

She tried valiantly to push him away but was not as strong as he was. The assault did not end there. He also asked her if she could perform various sex acts.

When she tried to escape, he would block her and push her back.

For some reason, the security guard called her phone and she took this chance to run away and escape.

She promptly made a police report the very next day.

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For outrage of modesty, the accused could’ve been jailed for up to two years, fined and/or caned.


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