Popcorn Drinks Is The Next Big Thing In McDonald’s Japan & We Wish It’ll Come To SG

MacDonald’s has been getting quite a number of negative feedback recently. Scrolling through their Facebook page, I’m seeing people complaining about their Quarter Pounders…

Image: MacDonald’s Facebook Page
Image: MacDonald’s Facebook Page

And missing dressings.

Image: MacDonald’s Facebook Page

Not forgetting their recently “improved” Cheesy Loaded Fries that comes with chicken bacon bits.

Image: MacDonald’s Facebook Page

Here’s a close-up.

Image: MacDonald’s Facebook Page

Oh man, it wasn’t my intention to fill this first part of the article with such pessimism… I was really scrolling through their page looking for the next juicy release. But this is the only video they published…

Coming soon to a McDonald’s near you – 4 Jan 2018.

Posted by McDonald's on Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Yup… another burger (and a scroll of complaints) is coming your way in sunny Singapore. Meanwhile, we’re getting hyped with the soon-to-release popcorn drinks.

You read that right. POPCORN DRINKS! But not in Singapore though. Sorry friends.

Those who are in Japan or making your way there next year, these new limited edition drinks will be available at over 90 McCafé by Barista outlets from 5 January 2018.

It’s my honour to present to you…

1. Iced Caramel Popcorn Latte (390 YEN / S$4.62)

Image: en.rocketnews24.com

What you get: Bittersweet espresso mixed with caramel syrup + popcorn syrup, REAL & ROUND popcorn pieces, whipped cream, and sauce topping.

Those who prefer warm drinks to cold, the next option is for you.

2. Hot Caramel Popcorn Latte (390 YEN / S$4.62)

Image: en.rocketnews24.com

What you get: Same as no. 1, just that instead of iced, you get hot, airy foamed milk to warm your tummy.

Frappe lovers, put your hands up. There’s something in the menu for us too! Wheeee.

Popcorn Frappe (500 YEN / S$5.93)

Image: en.rocketnews24.comWhat you get: In the icy base, you get a blend of espresso + caramel-popcorn syrup topped with caramel-flavored whipped cream and caramel sauce.

Hold up! That’s not all. See that little cone jutting out of the drink? Looks a little strange but hey, it’s a bonus of popcorn inside a sweet waffle cone!

Image: giphy.com

I’m feeling the excitement.

MacDonald’s Singapore, can bring this menu over? Just don’t shortchange us of the popcorn please… I mean, popcorn cheaper than cheese and bacon bits mah. No? #GiveMoreLeh 

Anyway, the Caramel Popcorn Series will be available from 5 January 2018 to mid-February only so for those who get the luxury to taste them in Japan, leave us some pictures and review can?

Arigatou in advance! 🙂

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