Popeyes Now Selling Savoury Waffle With Spicy Coconut Chicken, Kaya & Cheese

Image: Facebook (Popeyes Singapore)

A while back, my colleague had the luxury of trying out Popeye’s mouthwatering rendition of a waffle, complete with crispy chicken, maple syrup and nacho cheese.

Image: Popeyes Singapore Facebook Page

And he evidently dug it too, considering how an excerpt from his then-review goes like this:

When we took our first bite, the only thing that comes to mind is just, this is so complicated.

You’ll taste the sweetness and spiciness of the maple syrup, the saltiness of the nacho cheese, the crispy yet softness of the waffles and crispy chicken all in one go.

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And yet, somehow, they managed to make everything blend together beautifully.

So beautifully, in fact, that I’ll give this 6 stars out of 5.

Yep, he definitely dug it.

Unfortunately, however, the office favourite was subsequently pulled off the shelves on 28 April last year, and our hearts (or bellies) have never quite felt the same anymore.

Image: TheVisualsYouNeed / Shutterstock.com

Or at least… until now

On 8 April, Popeyes Singapore made a startling revelation on its Facebook page. Upon seeing it, I shouted in excitement, and interest piqued, the other males in the office huddled around me.

“We weren’t kidding! It’s real and it’s here…” Boon Hun read the caption slowly. He looked at me. “Omg, is it what I think it is?”

“Is it, is it?” J chimed in.

Do you have someone in your office who doesn’t dare to make a call? If so, this video is for you:

I grinned at them. “No… but it’s something that might be even better.”

I flashed at them. The most wonderful thing on Earth.

Image: Popeyes Singapore

A hefty silence followed.

“Wow…” Boon Hun finally said.

“Wow…” J whispered.

“Wow…” I uttered, just to complete the chain.

But my reaction was exactly the same as them;

This looks good.

Savoury Waffle With Spicy Coconut Chicken, Kaya & Cheese

According to Popeyes Singapore, the crispy waffle will come with a spicy coconut chicken patty, rich and creamy kaya, nacho cheese and a chocolatey Belgian waffle.

Well, it’s admittedly not the best combination by literal terms. But hey, as you saw earlier on, the picture tells an entirely different story.

Image: Popeyes Singapore

“It could’ve been good ol’ photo-structuring in place,” my editor argued. “Just look at McDonald’s for reference.”

And that’s true, had a Netizen not commented this in the original post.

Image: Popeyes Singapore Facebook Page

“Well, Netizens also commented these, right?” the editor said.

Image: Popeyes Singapore Facebook Page

I mean; you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover… or ingredients, right?

And that’s why we’ll embark on a personal taste test

While unconfirmed, I have a feeling that tomorrow’s #FastFoodFriday edition will revolve around this interesting waffle combination.

Is it good? Or is it bad?

Well, you’ll have to stay tuned to find out. 🙂

But hey, if this waffle isn’t quite your thing…

How about some discount vouchers?

Image: Facebook (Popeyes Singapore)
Image: Facebook (Popeyes Singapore)
Image: Facebook (Popeyes Singapore)
Image: Facebook (Popeyes Singapore)

And you’re all ready to go.

Don’t say bojio ah!

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