Popeyes Chicken & Waffle Review: A Complicated Mash Of Flavours That Strangely Tastes Delicious

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In Singapore, when you think new and innovative fast food, KFC and McDonald’s are the ones that come to your mind instantly.

After all, who can ever forget the Nasi Lemak burger?

Rarely do you think of Popeyes, the underdog of fast food in Singapore.

Image: knowyourmeme.com

So when our boss decided to order Popeyes’ new item on the menu (trust me lah, that fatso wants to try it himself), the Waffle & Chicken burger, we were pretty apprehensive.

Image: Popeyes Singapore Facebook Page

But putting fried chicken within waffles? That’s complicated stuff. You can trust KFC or McDonald to pull it off…but Popeyes?

I don’t know, man.

But we decided to go ahead with it anyway. What’s life without some risk, right? #FirstWorldProblems

So we did.

Here’s what it looks like IRL

So far so good. It looked almost like the one shown in the poster above. (I’m talking about the height.)

But how about the taste?

When we took our first bite, the only thing that comes to mind is just, this is so complicated.

Almost as complicated as Facebook relationship status.


Image: lovethispic.com

You’ll taste the sweetness and spiciness of the maple syrup, the saltiness of the nacho cheese, the crispy yet softness of the waffles and crispy chicken all in one go.

And yet, somehow, they managed to make everything blend together beautifully.

So beautifully, in fact, that I’ll give this 6 stars out of 5.

Would it beat KFC’s Mozarella Patty Zinger Burger that my colleague tried previously?

I’ll say yes, hands down.


Chicken and waffle is a combination that shouldn’t be messed around with (just look at all the failed attempts out there), but somehow, this underdog of the fast food world just made it work.

Image: vexels.com

The Waffle & Chicken (ala-carte) cost $6.90 while a set meal with a drink and mash potato will cost just $2 more, at $8.90.

Other Items You Might Be Interested In

Of course, the other two things I’m loving, besides the Waffle chicken combination is:

1) The chicken tenders.


Look at how thick the chicken tenders are.

And the meat is juicy, not at all like the chicken tenders you get from other fast food restaurants *coughkfccough*

Dip it in their ranch sauce and you’ll have a winner.

2) And their Mash Potato

Image: popeyes.com.sg

Don’t be fooled by the appearance.


This could possibly be the best mash potato in Singapore. Legit.

If you have any friends who are a Popeyes fan, they’ll say, “Going to Popeyes without getting mash potatoes? Might as well don’t go.”

Image: quickmeme.com


While this isn’t marketed as fiercely as KFC’s Mozarella Zinger Burger and McDonald’s Fish & Fries, it definitely won’t lose when it comes to the taste test.

My colleague said it very aptly: When it comes to creating new food items, Popeyes is definitely behind. But every item they’ve created (so far) is really pretty good.


In other words, quality over quantity.

The Waffle & Chicken is limited edition, and it’ll leave the menu on 28 Apr 2018 so make sure you try before it’s gone.

But honestly, if anyone from Popeyes is reading this, make it a permanent item, please.

Yes, it’s that good.

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