Popeyes S’pore Now Has Buttermilk Shrimps

Image: Popeyes


Among McDonald’s and KFC commercials thrown here and there, Popeyes got that hidden gem appeal when it comes to their new items.

It’s cause they always never tell us about their new stuff.

Popeyes, why you always bojio?

Image: 九蛙图片

Is it because I said your Thai Pop chicken taste like muruku? It got 3.75/5 leh.

It took almost 5 days for me to find out about their new buttermilk shrimp. 5 days!! That’s like forever in 2019.

You think just because you stay quiet, even Google results for “popeyes buttermilk shrimp” shows nothing, we won’t find out about this good stuff?!

Image: Popeyes Singapore

It’s fried shrimp battered with their buttermilk biscuits and served with their oh so good chicken packed on with additional fizzy sprinkles.


And I remind you that: my colleague has repeatedly said before that Popeyes is impossibly perfect.

So what do you get when you add more zing to something already impossibly perfect? It’s the realm of what you didn’t know was possible. It’s not just delicious. It’s shrimpilicious.

Image: Tenor

Visiting their site you can access the following menu:

Image: Popeyes Singapore

There was a Buttermilk Shrimp in America

I want you to keep this in mind from a review I watched just to manage your expectations:

“It’s just playing with my emotions at so many different levels, I want to go to the left, left is buttery. Sweet, and then I go to the right. And then the right is a lot of spicy, with a lot of crunch.”

“This is wrong on so many levels, but it tastes so right.”

Image: Daym Drops YouTube

It’s crunchy, it’s buttery on a whole new level, it’s fried shrimp elevated to a whole new level with Popeyes Buttermilk Biscuit.

In other words, please manage your expectations by telling yourself it is amazing.

GIF: Gfycat.com

Wait, is that not how managing your expectations work?

But… There’s no blackened Tartare Sauce

Hold on… it’s not Buttermilk Shrimp with Blackened Tartare Sauce, but Fizzy Chicky Shrimpilicious.

Looking carefully, the sets don’t come with the Blackened Tartare Sauce, but Chicken with Fizzy sprinkles.

Y u do dis Popeyes? Where got people eat fried food without sauce one?

But for the sake of science, I’ll probably have to steal my boss’s credit card to try it anyway. Remember to ask for tartare sauce.

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