Popular Instagram-Worthy Ice Cream Emack & Bolio’s Coming To S’pore Jewel Changi Airport

According to me, everyone in Singapore either loves ice-cream or loves obsessing over what to post on Instagram to garner envy and likes.

So according to me, the ingenious ice-cream shop that is Emack & Bolio’s will undoubtedly attract every Singaporean at some point in time.

And according to our kiasu nature, it will be sooner than later when it opens in our Jewel Changi Airport on 17 April 2019.

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Insta-Worthy Ice Cream Coming To Town

When talking about ice-cream, all Singaporeans can definitely name some iconic ones off our heads — McDonald’s traditional vanilla cone for when we’re broke, Oreo McFlurry for when we are indulgent.

If we crave the comfort of our beds and dramas, it has to be Ben & Jerry’s or Häagen-Dazs.

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But are we satisfied with that? We absolutely should not be, when we see the Americans share mouth-watering posts of ice-cream.

Surely we can’t make a $0.80 vanilla cone beautiful unless we add in a ton of editing and pull out a DSLR camera. We deserve the same — how can there be inequality in ice-cream?

Fret not, because Emack & Bolio’s is going to save the day so that we can finally share the same posts that we used to be envious about.

Emack & Bolio

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I’m speechless. Just let your eyes slowly devour the curves of this ice cream and marvel at its beauty (and its ability to defy gravity).

We get to savour this piece of art and boast that we loved it to our friends. Boston may have had the special treatment when they first opened there, but it is now ours to covet.

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Boldly Delicious

Staying true to its rock-and-roll roots, this store boldly experiments with funky flavours, while still maintaining the creaminess that ice-creams should have, and dressing them up all pretty.

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Their Beantown Buzz has chocolate covered espresso beans — were coffee beans ever even edible? Coffee lovers are sure to be swimming in heaven with this ice-cream.

For those who aspire to be a part of the basic white girl gang, there is even a whole ice-cream called Pumpkin dedicated to the plant, with spices and all.

To top it all off, we get to celebrate our beloved holidays with ice-creams, literally.

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Something For Everybody

If you’re single on a holiday and looking for someone (or something) to spend your time with, why not head down to the store? You may exit with a few extra weight put on, but at least you can convince that yourself that it is because of your full heart.

There is something for everyone there; even those who are miraculously not in love with ice-cream. Go with the (slightly) less fattening yoghurt, or the (slightly) healthier smoothies, or go berserk with their ice-cream pizza. For those who simply can’t choose, there are even cups with cones.

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Ultimately, just go there to take a photo — it doesn’t even matter if it’s your friend’s ice-cream because you’re penniless that day.

With the addition of Emack & Bolio’s venture in Jewel Changi Airport, get ready to spend breakfast at A&W, lunch at Shake Shack, dinner at Burger & Lobster, and top it off with dessert at Emack & Bolio’s.

Just like every other place in Singapore, Jewel is well-equipped to be the upcoming food haven for Singaporeans and tourists alike.


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