Popular Yishun Fusion Western Stall Closing Due to ‘Rise in Food Costs’


Due to the global pandemic and ongoing international crisis, the inflation situation has gotten from bad to worse.

This can be easily seen in our day-to-day life, with the prices of almost everything increasing exponentially.

From Chicken Rice which used to cost only $2.80 to everyday household items such as detergents.

Many hawker businesses were also forced to shut down due to the rising cost of both the rent and ingredients.

Unfortunately, soon to join the list of closed-down hawker stalls is the famous western food stall called Shaker Lakers.

Closing Down Due to Rise in Cost

Opened back in the August of 2019 by ex-Marche chefs Gillian Pua and Michael Quinn, Shaker Lakers is famous for their delicious food items such as their Carbonara and good-quality burgers.

However, despite having many supporters, the pair found it very hard to cope with the increasing cost of ingredients.

In an interview with HungryGoWhere, Pua said that the prices of the ingredients they use have mostly gone up by 50%, while some even went up by 200%, which is shocking.

She adds that she would receive emails and texts weekly from vendors to inform them of the rise in the cost of ingredients.

Increased Price of Menu Items

To manage the rising cost of ingredients, the two chefs were forced to increase the price of their food items.

This was a hard move to make as many customers enjoyed the price-to-quality ratio of the stall’s food.


One of the famous food items that saw a price increase is the Lakers Texan Beef burger, which used to cost only $9.90 but is now priced at $10.90.

Furthermore, Shaker Lakers now have to charge their customers 50 cents to swap their fries for a salad to cope with the inflation.

However, some classics did not see a change in their price.

One example is their famous Carbonara, which is still priced at $7.50.

No Plans to Reopen

According to Pua, Shaker Lakers is most likely closing down for good as they do not have a plan to relocate or reopen.

After their last operation day on 25 Feb 2023, the owners are looking to spend more time with their families.

In her closing statement, Pua thanked all the customers who have visited from all over the tiny island to support them and that it was because of them that they were able to persevere for the past three years.

For those who would like to visit the stall before they close, you guys can head down to Yishun Park Hawker Centre, #01-24.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Shaker Lakers) & Instagram (@shakerlakerssg)