Pork Fat Listed as 1 of the Top 10 Most Nutritious Food in the World. Wait, What?


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You read that right. I ain’t even joking around.

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Imagine going to your next reunion dinner and loading up on that crispy, delicious roast pork belly. Your annoying relative notices this and places their annoying face right next to yours and says: “Ah di ah, you not fat enough ah?”

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What you might really want to do at that point is lecture them about the apparent nutritional benefits of pork fat, and to tell them not to be rude, but I’m here to tell you to control yourself.

“Ya I want to store energy for the long night mah” is what you should probably say as you continue loading up on the pork belly that your annoying relative is totally missing out on. #SingaporeanGameofThronesFTW

They really don’t know what they’re missing. You should hide this article from them.


It’s surprisingly true though.

According to the BBC, pork fat is rated number 8 in a list of 100.

To put this into perspective, broccoli ranked 94 on the same exact list. I told you mom; broccoli sucks.

Why on earth is this so?

Well, according to the report, pork fat is a bloody good source of B vitamins and minerals. Its fat content is also more unsaturated than saturated as compared to lamb or beef fat, which makes it healthier than them.

We’ve always heard that fat clogs up your heart and arteries, but that’s not entirely true. Unsaturated fats actually benefit the heart, blood vessels and skin.

I actually learnt this from my Home Economics class in Secondary School way back; hated the teacher, but somehow this particular piece of knowledge stuck with me. OKAY, in reality, I got this piece of information from the Dietitians Association of Australia.

But hold up, before you pick up more of that 烧肉, or crispy roast pork belly, also consider the fact that too much of a good thing may not necessarily be a great thing.


Chill out piggy. Pork belly contains a sizeable portion of calories and fat, and of course, we shouldn’t eat more than our personal daily recommended amounts, right? You definitely don’t want to exceed that daily limit and store more energy than required for the long night.

Moderation is key; unless of course, if it concerns that annoying relative.

Maybe you should let them read the first half of this article after all, huh?

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