Porsche Driver Didn’t Claim From At-Fault Deaf Grab Driver & Also Didn’t Humblebrag Her Good Deeds Online


In 2020, we need positive news and amazing people more than ever.

And now, just like what the doctor ordered, we’re going to tell you a heartwarming story about a Porsche driver in Singapore.

Grab Driver Accidentally Knocked Into A Porcshe

A Porsche driver recently did a kind deed for a deaf Grab driver and yet, she did not (at least not that we know lah) humble brag about it online. At all.

Muhsin Johari took to Facebook to share his friend’s encounter with a kind Porsche driver.

On 20 Feb 2020, his friend, a deaf Grab driver, accidentally knocked into the rear end of the Porsche.

Image: Facebook (Muhsin Johari)

The car sustained damage to the paintwork.

He added that his friend was already stressed and worried about the current Covid-19 situation which has caused a drop in earnings.

Porsche Driver Reacted Kindly

Now, most people, if they were not at fault and their precious car was scratched, they’ll probably throw a big hooha and shame the Grab driver online.

But not this Porsche driver, though.

The driver offered to stop driving for Grab for that day and wait for her reply.

However, she told him to go ahead with his work first and that she’ll contact him later in the evening.

Image: Tenor

I’ll Absorb The Cost

Following which, the driver pleaded for a private settlement, to which she asked for a few days to check things out.

She assured the driver that they’ll “work out” a way to deal with the repair costs.

Image: Facebook (Muhsin Johari)

Now, you’re wondering, how much will the repair cost and how big a burden will be added to Muhsin’s friend’s plate?

The Porsche driver got back to his friend after she had her car checked out at the workshop.


Quoting the repair costs required, she went one step further:

“I will absorb this cost and not take money from you.”

Image: Facebook (Muhsin Johari)

Instead, she proposed an exchange of services instead based on goodwill.

Send My Daughter To Class Instead

Seeing as he’s in the Grab industry, she wondered if he can send her daughter to class “for one day” as she won’t have her car for the next few days.

Image: Facebook (Muhsin Johari)
Image: Knowyourmeme

We All Need Some Extra Kindness

In his post, Muhsin also emphasised the need for kindness in our lives.


He said he wants to share the story as it’s heartwarming and show how kindness can uplift others.

He also shared that two weeks back, he had knocked into his friend (the Grab driver)’s car.

Back then, his friend hadn’t accepted his offer to pay for the repair as well.

In other words, be kind to others because one day, someone will be kind to you too.

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You can read his full post below: