The Reason Why the Possible Exposure Alert in TraceTogether is Now Removed


When you think of COVID-19 in Singapore, you will automatically turn on your Bluetooth to activate TraceTogether and track the number of devices around us.

Although we call it our Big Brother App, it has proven itself to be quite useful in recent months.

However, thanks to some misinterpretation, a feature will be removed from the app.


Before we jump into the details, allow me to give you a quick rundown on what TraceTogether is.

TraceTogether is an app (or a token) that became a huge part of our life shortly after COVID-19 knocked on our doors.

Its main function is to exchange information via Bluetooth with other devices within the proximity. The data gathered will be stored and used if we come in close contact with someone that is infected with COVID-19. In some cases, the data could also be used to solve a crime.

You can learn more about TraceTogther and how it works here:

Possible Exposure Alert Feature

One of the features TraceTogether has is the “Possible Exposure” alert feature. Located in the “Your COVID Health Status” category, the “Possible Exposure” alert feature shows you if you have been in close proximity of someone that has contracted COVID-19.

The intention for the feature is to advise users with low exposure risk, to self-monitor their health for the next two weeks. Since these users have a low exposure risk, they would not be quarantined or placed on phone surveillance.

In short, they are quite safe but several businesses deemed otherwise.


Possible Exposure Alert Feature Misconstrued

As our community infections soar, several locations previously prohibit entry to those with “Possible Exposure” on their TraceTogether App. This is to ensure that their staff and visitors of these stores or workplaces reduce their chances of getting exposed to a potential COVID-19 patient.

However, that act proved to be problematic as it causes unnecessary confusion amongst businesses and individuals. Thus, the feature will be removed.

New Categories of Health Alerts

In place of the “Possible Exposure” feature, new categories of health alerts and warnings have been created by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Utilizing an advanced system that involves data from TraceTogether, SafeEntry, and other relevant areas, the new health alerts will be tiered based.

The tiers are based on MOH’s assessment of the individual’s risk level of infection. This will not only reduce confusion amongst businesses and individuals but also enhances the authorities’ efficiency in controlling the pandemic as well.

But seriously, with F&B outlets now having to check whether a person is vaccinated or not, everyone’s eyes would be on the vaccination status instead.

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