Postman Slotted Parcel into Letterbox Until It Got Stuck; SingPost Has Responded

Image: nashriq mohd / / STOMP


SingPost doing underwhelming work has been a story for quite some time now.

Less than 2 weeks ago, two stacks of letters and parcels were found abandoned outside the letterbox.

And just a reminder, that Singpost has been fined before for underperformance.

In March 2019, they were fined S$300,000 for bad performance in 2018.

And in Feb 2019, they were fined S$100,000 for bad performance in 2017.

This week on 5 May, there was a slight improvement since the parcel managed to get inside the box.


A Stomper Got His Parcel Stuck in Letter Box

Image: Stomp

You can find the full video here, showing a forceful pull required for the packaging to come out.


The parcel contained CDs and was apparently not damaged, though it did further damage Singpost’s reputation if it can be called that.

Should the items be more delicate, it would likely be damaged.

Not all fault lies with SingPost alone, as some comments did point out that the Stomper should have paid more for delivery.

Image: Stomp Facebook

Or perhaps with SingPost’s current standards, using another courier will be a better idea.

SingPost’s Response

A SingPost spokesman apparently responded to Stomp, saying “We met with the resident in person and apologised for the inconvenience caused.”

“We are relieved that the package’s contents were not damaged.”

“The postman in question has been disciplined and we have also shared this case as a learning point for all staff.”

So basically a standard no-response response. It’s the kind of response done on autopilot, like what I always do when speaking to people I don’t want to see.

The larger problem here isn’t that the incompetence is found in just one case. It’s that it’s happening pretty often.

In Previous News on SingPost TV…

Two months back, SingPost said that there will be changes in ‘3 to 6 months’ time. While there is still time for SingPost to improve, what is actually happening doesn’t seem to look hopeful for them.

SingPost pay isn’t exactly the highest, and a delivery postman isn’t even a fun job. Given what we know, the fault doesn’t really lie on the small fries in the organisation.

Image: Reddit

SingPost, Crimefighters?

It would also appear that amongst the many things SingPost promised to do, they have delivered a little more than promised, going so far as to prevent online scams.

Image: SingPost Facebook

And it’s great to know that SingPost is diversifying into crime fighting, as pointed out by a cheeky Facebook comment.

Image: SingPost Facebook

So yeah, SingPost is somewhat active in spreading messages about online scams. Interestingly, the comments to SingPost’s scam alerts are mostly complaining about their service.

The I’m-Sorry-But-You-Made-Me-Do-This

Image: SingPost Facebook

Your Employee Did His Best

Image: SingPost Facebook

Don’t Blue-Tick Me, SingPost

Image: SingPost Facebook

I can only imagine that there weren’t other effective avenues for handling customer feedback, so they have to resort to commenting on a completely unrelated Facebook post in hopes that SingPost will do something about it.


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