A Restaurant in Czech Republic Created Coronavirus-Shaped Dessert & It Sold Like Hotcakes


These days, everywhere you go, you’re reminded of the coronavirus.

A screening of Tenet at the cinema looks like the screening of an Adam Sandler movie, everyone in public looks more beautiful with half their faces covered, and Goody Feed’s app is full of articles about Covid-19 instead of nose hair and poop.

But there is one place that has been left untouched by the virus – dessert stores.

A dessert store is a place that one can go to to tuck into a creamy cake and forget about all their troubles, including the pandemic.

If you were to go to a certain café in Prague, however, you’d see the coronavirus staring back at you in the form of a sweet chocolate ball.

A Restaurant in Czech Republic Created Coronavirus-Shaped Dessert & It Sold Like Hotcakes

The Black Madonna, a popular restaurant in Prague, Czech Republic, has come up with a rather odd strategy to draw more customers.

Like many other eateries, the Prague restaurant has seen a significant decline in sales due to lockdowns and border controls keeping hungry tourists out of the country.


Now, they’ve created a new dessert that’s already popular with customers – a coronavirus chocolate ball.

Image: Twitter via Times Now News

If you’re both horrified and intrigued, you’re not alone.

According to Reuters, Olga Budnik, the creator of the dessert, came up with the idea when the Black Madonna had to shutter during a nationwide lockdown.

“I found a photo of the virus on the Internet and I figured out in detail how to make the dessert – how to make the spikes, what the colour would be like, and I prepared it all,” she said.


The dessert, which has a chocolate crust and is dusted with cocoa butter spray, is only slightly smaller than a tennis ball.

This looks more appetizing to me – Image: Wikipedia

As for the virus spikes, which are giving me goosebumps, they are made of white chocolate and dried raspberries.

Image: cerna_madona via Times of India

There is also a pistachio filling with raspberry puree and raspberries in the centre.


Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m certain there’s no way customers would be willing to bite into something that looks like the coronavi-

Over 100 Covid-19 Balls Sold Each Day

Okay, I stand corrected.

Customers have certainly taken to the new dessert, with over 100 Covid-19 balls being sold each day.

The café’s marketing manager, Vojtech Hermanek, said: “The coronavirus crisis has meant a huge drop for us, in tens of per cent, like for other gastro enterprises. But at the same time, it was a chance to bring out the coronavirus cake which is a symbol showing that not everything is lost.”

So, what’s next? A bubonic plague milkshake? A smallpox steak?

Image: Tenor

Nope, just a Covid-19 vaccine-themed sweet.


The same restaurant in Prague plans to make a Covid-19 vaccine-themed dessert, one that tastes of citrus and liqueur.

“It will be lots of lime with a bit of alcohol,” Olga said.

I think I miss writing about nose hair and poop.

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