M’sian Woman Bakes CNY Decorations Cookies That Looks Too Good To Be Makaned

Have you ever bought things that are way too good to be eaten?

Like macarons with cute designs on them or a really beautiful birthday cake.

This is yet another example.

Pretty Chinese New Year Decoration Cookies

A Facebook user and baker by the name of Shirlyn Leong took to Facebook Group Subtle Asian Traits to share her gorgeous home-made Chinese New Year cookies and they look seriously amazing.

They look so beautiful that I would want to hang these ‘cookies’ up in my own home and I don’t even celebrate Chinese New Year.

The last thing you’d want to do is eat these babies.

Image: Facebook (Shirlyn Leong)

Just look at them. The post has since garnered 1.2k comments and 6.4k reactions.

They don’t look like food, cookies or anything edible, they look like beautiful ornaments you use to decorate your house with.

Image: mrwgifs.com

According to MSNews, Ms Leong is currently based in the United States and was simply sharing her homemade cookies with the rest of the world and those who celebrate Chinese New Year.

The cookies are actually decorated sugar cookies baked with basic ingredients like butter sugar flour, egg and flavouring, but looks bomb AF.

Quite obviously, her cookies take after and are inspired by Chinese New Year decorations from around the house.

And if you’re wondering why her bakes look so damn good, it’s because she has had 6 whole years in the baking scene to hone her baking skills.

Check out her delicious work of art:

Image: Facebook (Shirlyn Leong)
Image: Facebook (Shirlyn Leong)

Here’s a close up of this beautiful Chinese character “chun” which means spring in English, peppered with beautiful gold colours and florals.

Image: Facebook (Shirlyn Leong)
Image: Facebook (Shirlyn Leong)

They are seriously so beautiful and elegantly made that I think she should consider designing ornaments instead.

It is understood that Shirlyn has a business called Cookies Art by Shirlyn.

She also explains that cookie decorating requires a truckload of patience in order to become good at it.

“The most important thing I’ve been telling my students is the icing consistency. Once you mastered the consistency, you will be able to do anything.”

Join Shrilyn’s Facebook Group For Tips & Tricks

For tips and tricks on how to make cookies and design them, feel free to check out the Cookies Art by Shrilyn Community Facebook Group or check out her website.

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