Provision Shop Owner in China Looks Exactly Like Show Luo Down to His Hairstyle


A Wise Old Prophet once foretold:

“There are seven people out there on this world, who look uncannily like you. Doppelgangers, they’re called. But pay heed; never cross paths with them.

“Because you might die.”

And while the Wise Old Prophet isn’t exactly reliable (considering how he predicted the end of 2012), his words should still be taken into account. And so, someone should really go tell Show Luo:

“Never, never, go to a provision shop in Nanning. Never.”

Because over in Nanning, there’s a provision shop owner who looks like this:

Image: 8 Days
Image: 8 Days


Provision Shop Owner in China Looks Exactly Like Show Luo Down to His Hairstyle

Spotted at a provision shop store in Nanning, this man has been drawing media attention for his uncanny resemblance to one of Mandopop’s biggest stars, Show Luo.

Image: 8 Days

Just recently, a Netizen uploaded a video of the celebrity doppelganger online, and the clip and its images swiftly went viral.

Image: 8 Days

Netizens clearly felt the vibe too.

“Is this Show Luo recording a new variety show? From his hairstyle to his features to his physique, he is basically ‘Little Pig’! (Show’s nickname),” wrote one Netizen.

Now I bet you’re wondering; who on earth is he? 


According to 8Days, the lookalike’s name is Meng Jun Yuan, and he’s 35. And apparently, fame has done wonders for his business too.

When contacted by reporters about going viral, he expressed that the store has seen an increase in customers ever since he became famous for looking like Show.

“Eh, then how? Will he be acting on-screen too? Go into the showbiz? Be buddy-buddy with Show Luo?” Tan Ah Kow asked.

As it turns out, that’s not happening. 

According to Jun Yuan, he’s happy with the attention, but he has no intentions of signing on to an artiste management company. His own business, it seems, will continue to be the main priority.

Well, that’s kind of a bummer for all you Show Luo fans, but hey at the very least, it did do good for his business.

That’s more than can be said for other doppelgangers out there, really.

Doppelganger galore

Apparently, Show Luo’s not the only one whose doppelganger has been found. Just recently, a Chinese Netizen uploaded photos of a bus driver, who looks uncannily like…

Image: 8 Days

Yeah, you know him.

This guy.

Image: 8 Days

In fact, his resemblance is so uncanny…

Image: 8 Days

That it has even prompted theories that the late star, who previously committed suicide in 2003 (16 years ago), is actually still alive.

Which is, of course, total bollocks because Leslie Cheung couldn’t possibly have been driving a bus overseas.

He was having dinner at my house the other day in a tuxedo after all.

More doppelgangers?

Over the years, a number of celebrity doppelgangers have sprung up.

Jay Chou was spotted selling durians. Image: Shanghaiist

And gauging from just how many people there are on this Earth, it should be normal to see even more come out of the closet.


Interesting, huh? Well…

Let’s just hope that the celebrity and doppelganger don’t actually encounter each other.

Just in case.