Quan Yifeng’s Daughter, Eleanor Lee, Received A Bungalow & The Sad Story Of Her Birth On 18th B’Day

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Reader: Did someone say Eleanor Lee?

Well, we didn’t say it so much as type it.

Celebrities sure have it different.

When I received a pair of Air Jordan sports shoes for my 18th birthday, I was over the moon. I even asked my mum whether it was alright because they must have cost quite a bomb.

I was the happiest guy on Earth.

Four years later, I chanced upon news that Eleanor Lee, the homegrown starlet daughter of TV host Quan Yifeng, had received a bungalow as a present.

Which would have been fine and all had it been from her mother. Nothing news-worthy about that.

But it wasn’t.

Her company was the one that had gifted the bungalow.

Image: Imgflip

18th birthday

Eleanor had celebrated her 18th birthday on Oct 12.

It was an extravagant affair, with a lavish party and high-tier presents. Yet even among the luxurious gifts, two stood out: a piano and a bungalow.

Both were gifted by Eleanor’s company.

eleanor lee
Image: Quan Yifong Facebook Page

eleanor lee
Image: Quan Yifong Facebook Page

But it seems life wasn’t all glitz and diamonds for the young girl.

After the birthday celebration, Quan took to Facebook to craft a touching birthday message to her daughter.


Image: Quan Yifong Facebook Page

In the post, Quan described the sacrifices she had made to give her daughter a good life.

The watch that saved their lives

She had gone through contractions 18 years ago on Oct 11, 1999, in Taiwan, and her doctor had told her to do a caesarean section. (According to Wikipedia, a caesarean section, also known as C-section or caesarean delivery, is defined as the use of surgery to deliver one or more babies. A caesarean section is often performed when a natural delivery would put the baby or mother at risk)

However, the operation doesn’t come cheap; it would cost NT $100,000 ($4,488).


At the time, she was barely managing to feed herself. How could there be excess funds for the procedure?

Left with no choice, Quan rushed home to retrieve a branded watch Eleanor’s godfather, hairstylist Addy Lee, had given her.

She pawned the watch, got the money and returned to the hospital, where she subsequently gave birth to Eleanor the very next day.

There was no mention of how and when she got the watch back.

“Today you are 18 and an adult,” Quan wrote. “Mum is telling you about what happened and giving you the watch that saved our lives.”


eleanor lee and mum
Image: Quan Yifong Facebook Page

She also posted photos from Eleanor’s celebration, and thanked those who helped to make it a “magical night”.

eleanor lee and friends
Image: Quan Yifong Facebook Page

“Happy 18th birthday to my baby girl,” Quan wrote, ending the post.

China’s little starlet

Eleanor has been creating ripples in the Chinese film industry, with several leading roles in high-budget Chinese dramas.


And it seems that her path to stardom has only just begun, as she’s set to star opposite Heavenly King Leon Lai in the Chinese thriller, Overseas Security Officer.

eleanor lee and fellow celeb
Image: 8 Days

It will be Lai’s first television drama in 23 years.

What’s next?

As I said, celebrities sure are different.

Yet I can’t help but feel that Eleanor doesn’t need anyone to buy her a bungalow anymore.


eleanor lee
Image: Toggle

She’ll probably buy one herself in a couple of years’ time.

Mark my words; this girl is going places.

Featured image: Facebook (Quan Yi Feng)