Quan Yifong Addressed Speculations About Her Friendship with Addy Lee, Who’s Eleanor Lee’s Godfather

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The media nowadays have taken to social media to gauge just about anything that goes on in the private lives of public figures.

As a result, they sometimes become disproportionately concerned when celebrities refrain from expressing grievances on social media following others’ deaths.

On one hand, it was almost as if grieving isn’t a painful, personal process that people go through in different ways. On the other, they seem to harbour unrealistic expectations on the degree of privacy public figures should surrender for their profession.

In the same vein, public figures who fail to deliver congratulatory messages to others on special occasions also have to endure scrutiny.

Three Evidences Point to a Fallout

Case in point: detectives of the 21st century recently discovered no birthday wishes from Addy Lee on Eleanor Lee’s cake day.

For those of you who don’t know (like me before writing this article), Addy Lee is a celebrity hairstylist, who happens to be Quan Yi Fong’s best friend. Meanwhile, Eleanor Lee is Quan’s daughter, and just recently, she got nominated in the Most Beautiful Asian Faces 2020 List.

In addition, Addy is also the birthday girl’s godfather, and they’re so close, Eleanor even took Addy’s surname instead of Quan’s ex-husband’s surname.

The lack of social media interaction raised suspicion with Shin Min Daily News, who quickly noted Addy’s absence from Eleanor’s birthday bash.

Then, they found something deemed by the court of public opinion as a defining evidence of a fallout: the mother-daughter pair and hairstylist are not following each other on Instagram.

Quan Clarified the Rumours

Despite the era’s tendency for news to blow over in the blink of an eye, Quan felt the need to clarify on the rumours.

She held an emotional livestream on her Facebook, and gave Lianhe Wanbao an exclusive interview regarding the matter.

“A friend is forever. We still have a good relationship,” she said.

The 46-year-old admitted that communications have lessened due to their tight schedules, but assured “no malice, no argument, no criticism” between the two.

Furthermore, she denied any friction caused by having Eleanor’s hair done by another celebrity hairstylist David Gan, who is apparently Addy’s rival.


“All these years, I’ve had a good relationship with David. This time, we went to him discreetly for work as we were working with some international brands. I didn’t even post it on my social media. I didn’t go there just to get my hair done. That would have been a real problem, that would have been a betrayal. But if it’s for the good of Eleanor, I don’t think Addy will mind,” she explained.

But wait, what about Instagram? That’s something that needs to be addressed because Instagram is a mirror of real life!

For that, you’d have to skip to 1:10 of this MV:

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