“Hwa Chong” Lady Investigated By Police After Reveal of Her YT Channel Filled with Racist Videos


What constitutes harassment?

For most people, harassment involves verbal abuse, badgering, intimidation, unwanted sexual advances, and threats of violence.

But one particular lady who studied at Hwa Chong eons ago experienced something much, much more traumatising recently:

Two people talking about which peanut butter they should get while they were near her.

Reader: That’s horrific.

And in another more scandalous incident: commuters minding their own business on the train.

Reader: *gasps*

‘Hwa Chong’ Lady Questions Passengers About Ethnicity & Education Background

Let’s start with the MRT story.

A video of the woman on the train questioning commuters about their educational background and ethnicity has been circulating on social media.

The woman was reportedly on an East-West Line train when the incident occurred.

The video starts out with the woman giving passengers a lecture on the schools at which she studied, including Hwa Chong Junior College.

She then turns her attention to a commuter opposite her, and asks, “May I know your race?”

When the female passenger replies “Malay”, the woman says “Okay, no wonder.”

She then goes on to list the occupations of her family members, as commuters were clearly on the edge of their seats at this point dying to know.

At one point, the woman counts the number of Malay people around her and claims she’s being harassed.

Netizens who came across the video and did a little digging later discovered that this was actually a hobby of Ms Hwa Chong‘s.


Woman Has a YouTube Channel Filled with Racist Videos

As the video made its rounds on social media, netizens did their digging and found out that the woman had a YouTube account where she had been uploading similar videos since 2016.

The channel had a total of 29 videos, but has since been terminated.

In her videos, the middle-aged woman goes around filming mostly Malay or Indian residents going about their day, and later pulls an UNO reverse card by accusing them of harassing her in the title.

Some examples include “Indian sexually harassing 56 year old Chinese lady” and “Malays Harassing Chinese”.

In one of her videos, titled “Malay Man Attempted to Molest Chinese Woman”, the woman repeatedly accuses a man on the train of molesting her even though he was simply sitting down trying to ignore her.


In another rather amusing video titled “Malays Harassing Chinese”, the woman films a couple of people talking in Malay about which peanut butter to buy.

Yes, peanut butter.

They at no point talk to or harass the woman filming them, and simply leave when they realise they’re being filmed.

Just in case we didn’t hear her, her videos were also captioned with the phrase: “I was from Hwa Chong Junior College.”


That could perhaps be her only defining feature.

Police Investigating Incident

According to The Straits Times, a police spokesman confirmed that police reports have been lodged and a 57-year-old woman is currently assisting with investigations.

The woman’s mental state is also being assessed.

If you happen to be near this woman in a supermarket, whatever you do, do not talk about peanut butter.

This woman is clearly more of a kaya person.


Feature Image: YouTube (The Exposition)