Radin Mas Community Centre: S’pore’s First Futuristic CC With Facial Recognition Door Locks

Many of us probably don’t spend much time at our estate’s community centres (CC), either because there’s nothing much to do there or because we just find that chilling out at home beats hanging at a boring ol’ CC.

Gone were the days where people gathered at CCs to carry out bonding activities with fellow residents of their estate. We no longer have that kampong spirit that our grandparents once fervently talked about.

But what if I tell you that the renovation of Radin Mas Community Centre has opened doors to a whole new experience?

Welcome to the future.

Cyber Space

The Radin Mas CC was closed for three years because of renovations and was recently reopened on Sunday, 6 October.

Three years, it’s about time the CC reopened.

This new six-storey CC is like a gateway to the future. It reportedly has its own Cyber Space for residents to use computer terminals to read e-newspapers or browse e-books.

Residents can also make bookings for courses and facilities via the numerous 24-hour self-service kiosks available in the CC.

Facial Recognition Door Locks

Did you know that staff members don’t use physical keys when they enter the rooms?

Then what do they use??

Facial recognition door locks.

Um, what? Why so cool one?

Yep, in line with Singapore’s aim to become a smart nation, they are trying to incorporate a smart system where you simply show your face and you’ll be able to get access to the various rooms.

First Smart CC

According to The Straits TimesMinister of State for Social and Family Development Sam Tan said that Radin Mas CC could act as a “test bed” and pave the way for other community clubs to become “smart” as well.

The purpose of revamping the Radin Mas CC was mainly because one-third of its residents are aged 50 and above and having it turned into a smart CC allows them to see how the elderly will respond.

Through this, they will collate all feedback and give it to the People’s Association (PA) to make the necessary changes and improvements. This will hopefully result in the next generation of CCs becoming smarter.

Other Facilities

Other than being smart, the Radin Mas CC is also the first in Singapore to share its location with the Singapore Children’s Society, a voluntary welfare organisation.

The NTUC Health Senior Day Centre is also conveniently located within the CC so that the elderly can gather and bond with other elderly residents of their neighbourhood.

To attract the younger generation, the CC is also equipped with a performing arts studio and a culinary studio.

Hopefully, with the building of more smart CCs, we will see a smarter and more bonded Singapore.


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