Raeesah Khan Will Still Be Investigated by the Committee of Privileges Despite her Resignation


Yesterday (30 November 2021), Raeesah Khan dropped a bombshell: she said that she’s resigning from Workers’ Party and as the Member of Parliament for Sengkang GRC because…because…

…because she decided to resign.

Her resignation was handed hours before a meeting whereby the Workers’ Party Central Executive Committee (CEC) will deliberate and decide on the recommendation of the Disciplinary Committee formed to investigate Raeesah Khan, so the party can’t do anything to her.

So, would she also be spared from the Parliament’s Committee of Privileges’ investigation?


Raeesah Khan Will Still Be Investigated by the Committee of Privileges Despite her Resignation

Even after Khan has resigned as an MP for…for…for some reason, her conduct in Parliament won’t be dismissed.

According to a media release by the Parliament, Ms Raeesah had sent her resignation letter to the Speaker of Parliament at 10.47 pm last night, and Members of Parliament were informed of Ms Raeesah’s resignation on 1 December 2021.

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They added, “The Committee of Privileges will continue with its work on the matters pertaining to the complaint referred to it on 1 November 2021. The Parliament (Privileges, Immunities and Powers) Act regulates the conduct of Members of Parliament and other persons in connection with its proceedings, and can summon any person to appear before the Committee to give evidence at any time before the conclusion of its Report. The Committee will present its Report to Parliament in due course.”

In other words, she’s not absolved of all her deeds.

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What Happened

In Aug this year, Ms Raeesah had shared an anecdote in Parliament about accompanying a rape survivor to a police station where the officer had made some troubling comments about the victim’s dressing and drinking.

She claimed the alleged victim had left the police station crying due to the officer’s comments.


Despite being questioned about the anecdote several times by other MPs, Ms Raeesah stuck to her story and kept shtum about the details, citing confidentiality.

The police later said that they checked their records and couldn’t find any case which fit Ms Raeesah’s description. They requested an interview with Ms Raeesah, but she didn’t respond to them.

Then, on 1 Nov, Ms Raeesah admitted to lying about details of the rape case which she brought up in August, saying she was “not present with the survivor in the police station as [she had] described”.

“The anecdote was shared by the survivor in a women’s support group for women which I was a part of. I did not share that I was a part of the group as I did not have the courage to publicly admit that I was a part of it,” she said.

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