S’poreans Creatively Trolled FB Image Showing Jewel Indoor Waterfall in a Scotland Mall

Imitations aren’t rare.

I mean, look at all the Ferris Wheels around the world, then at the engineers and governments who thought that building a large spinning circle with seats on them is the peak of modern architecture.

Singapore has quite a few stock image worthy sceneries, like the Marina Bay skyline, Gardens by the Bay, and more recently, the Rain Vortex at Jewel Changi Airport.


Hence, when the iconic indoor waterfall appears on Facebook with a different location—Almondvale Shopping Centre, Livingston, Scotland—the internet is understandably confused.

Hilarious Reactions From The Netizens

It appears legitimate at first glance because it actually exists, just not in Scotland.

A quick scroll through the comment section will immediately tell you that the location isn’t correct, and netizens flocked to the comment section to point out the error.

Or poke fun at it.

Mostly to make of it.

People started going along with the joke by adding their own versions of places with wrong addresses.

Image: facebook.com
Image: facebook.com

The first image is actually a pretty good find, what with the out-of-focus and foggy background to represent ‘Stonehenge’.

The feral otters on their fours make convincing dinosaurs too, albeit a little small.

The best comment has to go to the “Loch Ness Monster” comment, which links to a picture of the Merlion instead.

Image: facebook.com

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What’s Actually in Livingston?

In truth, Livingston does have a locally famous water feature in a mall.

Image: facebook.com

Similar to the Jewel, it has a large dome that covers a 92ft (28m) tall fountain that’s called “Birth of the Sky”. Floating clouds hang down the dome and the top of the fountain disperses the water like rain.


The water feature also doubles as a wishing well, and the dropped money is typically donated to a charity of the Centre’s choosing.

It’s not as pretty as the Rain Vortex, but it has its own charm.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Travel Scotland Goals)