Rainforest Lumina, An Enchanting Night Walk, Coming Back To S’pore Zoo On 14 June

Image: rainforestlumina.wrs.com.sg

The Singapore Zoo has been one of the iconic attractions of our country for several decades now.

Many of us have visited it as kids, then as teens, and then as adults.

Some would have even brought their children there by now.

Singapore is known for being a boring slightly dull country in terms of entertainment options, especially when everything seems so expensive.

And being a modern city-state, we also lack the opportunities to see wild animals in person other than the HDB void deck cats or the occasional squirrels.

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This probably explains the popularity of the Singapore Zoo, which offers a somewhat affordable solution to this.

But even then, how many times can you see the same animals in enclosures without getting bored?

This is why the Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) is constantly coming up with ways to freshen up our country’s only favourite zoo. One most prominent example is the Rainforest Lumina.

Rainforest Lumina

What’s that? Why does it sound familiar?

If you find it familiar, perhaps you remember our post on it last year written by my handsome colleague. Or you could have seen it around due to the advertising efforts of WRS.

The Rainforest Lumina was a multimedia night walk event held last year in the Singapore Zoo as a night attraction.

Ah Hock loved Michelle and asked her, ‘Ai stead mai?’ in the 90s. Today, he tried again but would it work? Prepare some tissue paper and watch their love story here:

It featured dozens of dazzling light and sound installations that were both illuminating, interactive, and impressive.

It ran from July 2018 to the end of December. For more information, you could check out our post on it last year.

Well, are you thinking that it was a pity that you missed it? Or did you go, but is now disappointed that it’s gone?

It’s time to rejoice then!

Image: Giphy

It’s Back

Yes, you heard right!

The Rainforest Lumina is back for Season 2!

Image: rainforestlumina.wrs.com.sg

You’re probably not as hyped as compared to the Lucifer TV series being renewed for Season 5, but it’s still something good coming up very soon – on the 14 June 2019!

That’s just one week from now! Better start planning your dates, or if you don’t have a date, better get around to confessing to your crush!

Almost as if a preview of the actual attraction, the official Rainforest Lumina website is a glittered galore with gorgeous glowing galleries.

It showcases its magical map, photos and reviews from the previous year’s event, along with other interactive features such as a personality quiz to help you decide on your “Creature Crew”, which this year’s story is based around.

Need some photos from their gallery to get you hyped? Say no more!

Image: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Painted with fluorescent blue light and sparkled with a gorgeous green hue of the rainforest.

Image: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Looks like a very Insta-worthy spot. Better get your phones ready!

Image: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

One of the immersive interactive attractions featured!

Image: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

In case you thought the only colour on their palette was blue and green – you were wrong.

Image: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Is anyone getting a bit of Lion King vibes?

Image: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

I can show you the world – shining shimmering splendid.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to book my tickets.

Tickets At $18 For Adults & $14 For Children, Students, And Senior Citizens

In case you thought this would be an overpriced daylight robbery meant for rich hipsters – it’s not.

Tickets cost only $18 for adults and $14 for children, students, and senior citizens (valid only for Singapore residents). If you already have a main park admission ticket, the top-up to enter Rainforest Lumina costs only $10!

Something new, entertaining, and cheap in Singapore? Is this a dream?

Image: Wattpad

Alright, I just pinched myself and it hurts. This is real life.

Get your tickets now!