Real Account of 4 Ghosts Ordering Takeaway is Suitable for 7th Month Storytelling Outing

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It started quite innocently for this Hong Kong restaurant: a call from a customer for a takeaway, mainly for four people. So, the restaurant sent someone there and when the delivery personnel was there, money was slotted out from the door, and the people inside told the delivery personnel to leave the food outside.

No problem, isn’t it? The delivery personnel counted the money, and it was exact with no problem whatsoever. So he took the money and went back to the restaurant. But at the end of the day, when the boss was counting the sales for the day, there was hell money in stacks of normal cash.

Big problem—scary problem, indeed. However, the boss dismissed it as a joke from his employees. No one admitted, and that day ended with a scolding, unhappy employees and trust lost.

The next day, the exact same customer called for a takeaway. Seeing no problem, the same delivery personnel did the delivery, and this time, it was another order but same address. The procedure was the same: money (real, normal money) was slotted below the door, and the delivery personnel placed the food outside the door.

To cut a long story short, the same thing happened that night, and the boss was so furious that he went to do the delivery himself the next day when the customer ordered again. This time, the boss placed the received money outside the cash register in the restaurant, ensuring that no one would be able to change it to hell money.

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After a hectic day, the big problem occurred again: the cash has turned into hell money. No one knew when, or how. The boss was certain minutes before, it was real cash. Sensing something wrong, he called the police.

The police went to the customer’s house and when they could not enter, they broke down the door. What happened next would make you cringe.

There were four corpses, with the takeaway food gone. According to what was known, they had died for about one week or so. The bodies were sent for autopsies and the hell money that the boss received was sent for analysis.

Inside the bodies, they found food that seemed to be consumed within the last two days. These foods were from the restaurant. In addition, the hell money that the boss received comprised a few fingerprints: that of him, the delivery personnel’s and…the corpses’.

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There were stories about how that could have occurred, primarily that the four dead didn’t know that they had died and therefore continued to order food. But what’s even more intriguing is this: all scientific evidence have pointed to a supernatural occurrence, and no foul play could be done after the intensive investigation.

Most importantly, there has been no closure—the authority has sort of just let it go. Do note that Hong Kong is a developed country that believed a lot in science. The evidence are still there, and the events are still unexplained…unless you don’t rule out the fact that the dead could walk.

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