Rebecca Lim Suddenly Getting Married & It’s Not Rumoured Boyfriend Ian Fang


In 2019, when dining out with more than one friend wasn’t a crime, actors Ian Fang and Carrie Wong sent some rather explicit texts to each other.

Normally, this wouldn’t make frontpage news, but Fang was rumoured at the time to be dating Rebecca Lim, with the implication being that he had cheated.

No one knows for sure if he had cheated or if the pair had even dated at all, of course.

But Fang’s response to Lim’s latest Instagram post might support the claim that they did.

Rebecca Lim Suddenly Getting Married & It’s Not Rumoured Boyfriend Ian Fang

Like a bolt from the blue, Lim announced yesterday (15 Nov) that she would be getting married.

Her soon-to-be hubby, pictured in the photo with his face obscured, was not Fang, to the surprise of many.


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A post shared by Rebecca Lim 林慧玲 (@limrebecca)

Lim and her fiancé can be seen in a room filled with white and silver balloons, as well as large letters that spell out “Marry Me”. Yes, the question mark seems to have been left out, so “yes” may have been her only option.

The comments section was filled with warm congratulatory messages as well as an inordinate number of heart emojis from people who were clearly pleased for the pair.

Among the commenters was Fang, who seemed happy for the soon-to-be husband and wife too.

Image: Instagram (Rebecca Lim)

But his own Instagram posts told a very different tale.

Shared Emo Posts & Responded to Cheating Allegations

Uploaded a few hours before Lim’s announcement was a rather melancholy post by Fang, accompanied by a picture of him in a pensive mood.

Image: Instagram (ian_ianization) via Mothership

“As transient as a passing cloud, vanishing quietly without a trace. Not every Christopher Lee will have his Fann Wong; not every Fann Wong will stay with her Christopher Lee. Not everyone can be Christopher Lee and Fann Wong. And when everyone thinks that the both of you will be like them, not everyone believes that you’ll be the next [Fann and Chris],” he mused.

The post has since been taken down.

Fang also responded to a netizen’s accusations of cheating when he commented on another post of Lim’s, and it may be as close to an admission that we’re going to get.

Image: Instagram (ian_ianization) via Mothership

This comment has also been taken down.


It didn’t end there, however, as Fang seemed upset at the negative reaction his comments were getting:

Image: Instagram (ian_ianization)

“Why am I getting scolded when someone else is getting married? Why? What have I done wrong?” he fumed. “What have I done to upset you? Did I do something? I didn’t say anything! What did I do! Why are you scolding me!?”

And this is why you should never stay friends with your exes on social media.

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