Rebecca Lim Spoke in First Public Interview & Claimed She Hasn’t Met Ian For a While Now

I know you’re more interested in foreign affairs.

And by foreign affairs, I mean gossip from other countries. Maybe the Song-Song divorce. Maybe some Hong Kong cheating drama.

But regardless of your interests, you have to have heard of the Carrie Wong and Ian Fang scandal.

No? You could catch up here then.

Done? Alright, then we can get on with it.

With this saga hitting the news, various posts and comments have surfaced from Carrie Wong, Ian Fang, as well as Carrie’s boyfriend Boris Lin.

But one person has stayed mum through the entire frenzy.

Rebecca Lim Opens Up

Yes, Rebecca Lim, the rumoured girlfriend of Ian Fang.

She has been the subject of romantic rumours with Ian for many years now, but neither of them has ever confirmed the relationship.

Despite various attempts by the media to seek her comments, Rebecca has stayed silent and laid low.

Until now.

In a public interview on Tuesday (9 July), she finally broke her silence.

Rebecca said that she was “thankful to the media for remembering [her] and bringing up [her] name during that frenzy”, and that she had been too preoccupied with filming to pay attention to the saga.

She had been busy filming her new dramas “C.L.I.F. 5” and “The Good Fight”.

“There’s nothing to forgive.”

When asked about Ian Fang, Rebecca said:

“This is his personal affair, after all. I just hope to see a better him after he weathers the storm.”

The journalists then played the old trick of asking questions with the assumption that they were a couple (so if she answered without denying, they could then just assume she confirmed their relationship), asking her if she had forgiven him.

She then claimed that “there’s nothing to forgive” and that she hasn’t seen him in a long time.

Well played, Rebecca.

What about Carrie Wong?

Of course, the journalists didn’t rest at their attempt to stir drama.

They also asked about Carrie Wong, maybe hoping for some comments from Rebecca to ignite drama between the two supposed love rivals.

Rebecca then simply stated that they haven’t met in a while, and hasn’t interacted despite seeing each other around the Mediacorp campus occasionally.


Well, I guess nothing much new has come up, actually.

Sorry if you were expecting some juicy new drama.

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