Recently Engaged Rainie Yang To Hold A Concert In S’pore This Nov

Image: Bandwagon Asia

In July 2019, a huge truth bomb was dropped on the (Inter)net.

Rainie Yang, Mandopop Princess and every guy’s dream girlfriend, had announced her engagement to her boyfriend of four years, Chinese singer-songwriter Li Ronghao.

Image: LIRONGHAO85 Instagram

Suffice it to say; it was a deadly blow to the fragile hearts of all the guys out there. Rainie Yang… engaged?

What’s the point in living anymore?


But hey, there’s really no point moping around

Because even with an incident of such heart-crumbling magnitude, there remains a silver lining in the clouds:

Her heart might officially be off the markets, but one thing remains free.

Her voice.

And indeed, for lovelorn fans of the cutesy pop singer…

Her concert this November will surely serve as a little respite from it all.

Image: Live Nation Singapore

According to Straits Times, Taiwanese Mandopop singer Rainie Yang will be holding a concert in Singapore on 9 November, her first in six years.

The 35-year-old singer, famous for hits like Traces Of Time In Love (2016), will be gracing fans with her vast repertoire of ballads at The Star Theatre.

Youth Lies Within

The concert world tour, which is titled Youth Lies Within (after her 2017 single penned by singer-songwriter Wu Tsing-Fong), will see Yang take up the mantle of both style and program director.

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According to reports, the concert will focus on the theme of youth.

“Perhaps because I debuted at a young age, there have been many fans who have accompanied me for a long time,” Yang said via a statement to announce the Singapore stop. “Youth is a word that encompasses my time with my fans.”

Tickets range from $108 to $198 and will be selling on 14 Aug from 10:00 a.m. onwards. Pre-sale for Live Nation members will commence on 13 Aug at the same time.


On Thursday (11 July), Chinese singer Li Ronghao posted on Weibo that it was his 34th birthday and that his birthday wish had come true:

His girlfriend of four years had agreed to his proposal.

“It’s also the anniversary of my wedding proposal. Thank you for saying yes,” he added.

Rather coincidentally, he will also be holding a concert here in Singapore, though the event is due to take place one month prior, on 19 Oct.

It’s slated to be held in the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Whether any male fans of Rainie Yang will be streaming into the stadium, however…

Will remain to be seen.

Image: Tenor