Redmart Says There’s One Person Who Ordered 800kg of Products at One Purchase

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We Singaporeans are known to be kiasu.

But at what cost?


The raising of the DORSCON level to orange shows that some of us are secretly Avengers: because they’ll do whatever it takes.

Redmart Working Hard to Fuflil Orders; Apologises for No Good Reason

Lest you didn’t know what I’m talking about, I’m referring to the hoarding in supermarkets last weekends.

It caused me to go through two days of Netflix without potato chips and I’m not happy.

But my happiness aside, it would have serious repercussions on society: what if someone needs the daily essentials urgently? I guess some of us don’t really care because they think it’s every man for himself when DORSCON is at Orange.

I can’t even imagine what’s going to happen if we’re at Red.

Thank God the authorities and supermarkets moved swiftly with decisive actions, and within two days, Singapore goes through a “System Restore” to a previous date, and we’re back to normal.

But not at Redmart, the online supermarket.


Here’s a video by Redmart showing how a day in the life of a Redmart employee is.

Poor guy.

Yesterday, Redmart made an apology that I totally don’t want to accept because they’ve done nothing wrong.

Here’s what they’ve written:

We’re Sorry. Since DORSCON Orange was raised, RedMart has experienced a tremendous increase in bulk buys and large orders. This placed considerable strain on our delivery operations. Because of these extraordinary circumstances, we’ve fallen short of our delivery promise and caused anxiety among you, our valued customers.

We Can Do Better.
Over the last few days, we’ve seen demand exceed 300% of our weekly average, including atypical orders such as a single purchase that exceeded 800kg.
As a result, your regular orders were affected.

We Will Get Back On Track.
With the current extraordinary environment, we have taken immediate measures to manage the situation; however, the effect of panic buying will still be felt over the next few days.
We expect normal operations to resume early next week.

Thank You For Your Patience.
Amidst the bulk buying, our warehouse staff and delivery drivers have been working tirelessly for you, while also maintaining their personal health and work hygiene. Please bear with us during this time as we work to ensure that your orders are delivered.

Sincerely yours,
All of us at RedMart

Redmart does not need to apologise.

The person who needs to apologise? That joker who bought over 800kg worth of products.


Reader Bao: Eh, Siao Eh, maybe that one is buy for like restaurant one leh.

No, Mr Bao. Firstly, we all know F&B businesses are being affected as well so they don’t need to buy so many stuff at one go. Secondly, businesses don’t buy from retailers lah; distributors would go to their premises daily to deliver and sell products directly one. You never work in your life before ah?

Reader Bao: Oh. Maybe the family has 1,000 people in the house lah

Yeah, that is more plausible.

In any case, this is a good example of how a kiasu kia has caused cracks in the usual supply chain: imagine there’s an elderly who depends on Redmart to deliver goody instant noodles to her house because she has difficulty moving.


She might not receive her noodles today.

I hope that 800kg person can sleep well at night.

You can watch more about Lazada and Redmart here: