Relationship Goals Failed: Woman Walks Man With A Leash


The worst thing I had done was causing my late cat to experience a short bout of identity crisis. I tried putting clothes on her and holding intellectual conversations, then I tried leashing her and take her on walks when she preferred to snooze. But hey, I realized I cannot un-cat my cat and stopped.

If you are single, this article will give you a reason to celebrate bachelorhood. And if you are attached, the following story will make you pray hard your woman don’t treat you like a dog. Literally.

A woman in Fujian province, Fuzhou, China, was seen taking a man for a walk. The poor human male was leashed and crawled on all fours after the woman who had a firm grip on the leash. According to witnesses, they even saw the woman petting the man on the head, just like how you would do to your doggie.

Eventually, the police was involved and they managed to convince the woman to unleash the man. Because the shenanigan caused a rather sizeable traffic jam, the police told the pair to clear the area.

The reason for their behavior is unknown though many would agree that the woman is most likely a dominatrix.

Goodness, woman! Even if the guy owed you money, a blood debt, or had broken your heart and expressed that he is willing to do anything, it does not literally mean anything unless you are just as bad as me in understanding figurative speech and metaphors. Even so, I still allow my cat to retain her feline dignity even though she had decided that my textbook and pile of readings make a good toilet.

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