Remember Chun Cui He (纯萃喝)? It was Recalled by AVA for Illegal Food Additive

Remember this Just-Drink Milk Tea? This Milk Tea in a Shampoo took Singapore by storm, and when it was first available on the shelves of 7-eleven, the stores carrying this milk tea ran out of stock almost immediately.

The drink is said to be creamier and smoother compared to other bottled milk tea on the market.

The popular drink has taken the headlines again. Unfortunately, this time for a bad reason.

Recalled by AVA for unpermitted food additive

According to a report on Straits Times, the popular milk tea was recalled because it contains L-theanine, a food additive that is not permitted under the Food Regulations of Singapore.

An organic compound found in certain plants, it’s said to have calming properties and is often used in green tea products.

However, there’s no food safety risk

Now, before you go panicking and wondering what’s going to happen to you, AVA stated that there are no health risks associated with the organic compound.

“There is no food safety risk associated with the recalled products,” said AVA. “While there is no food safety risk, consumers who have consumed this product and have any health concerns can consult your doctor or seek medical advice,” AVA added. – Straits Times

Initial Tests Incomplete

According to Straits Times, it was revealed that initial food tests for the drink was incomplete and AVA came across these findings after conducting another food safety test for the product.

All 7-Eleven stores carrying the product were ordered to stop sales of the drink effective Monday (22 Aug 2016).

About a million bottles (~$2 million) of milk tea has been sold in Singapore thus far.

The brand’s other flavour, latte, will continue to be sold at 7-Eleven.

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