Remember Olinda Cho from S’pore idol? You’ll be impressed by what she’s doing now

I‘m sure many readers are familiar with Singapore Idol, the hugely popular reality singing competition shown on local television back in the early 2000s.

The show which had 3 seasons which introduced viewers to local singers such as Taufik Batisah, Sezairi Sezali and a host of many others who have found fame through their participation in the show.

One of these many singers that many readers can recall would definitely be Olinda Cho, who lost out to the winner of the debut season, Taufik Batisah by a narrow margin. I’m sure most would be wondering what has she been doing since finding fame from the show.


It turns out that besides taking on an endorsement deal which saw her shed her chubby figure to releasing a single debut album, she has recently won the right to represent Singapore at China Super Vocal along with two others, Liu Jia Hui and Ng Chee Yang, in a local audition.


China Super Vocal, previously known as The Voice China, is a show that is a hit with audiences worldwide with a star-studded panel of judges such as Jay Chou.

For fans of Olinda Cho, it would be an eye-opening experience to be watching her put her talents up against the many other hopefuls in the competition.

Who knows, if she does well enough, she might just be the second coming of singers like Stefanie Sun, Tanya Chua and JJ Lin: all of which has successfully broken into the big stage and became notable singers and performers in their own right.

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