MOH: All COVID-19 VDS Will be Lifted Fully from 10 Oct 2022


Do you know that people who aren’t vaccinated in Singapore can’t dine in eateries?

Bet you’ve forgotten about it. That is the reason why some of us kept our TraceTogether tokens, as technically, there would be spot checks.

But come 10 October, TraceTogether is really going into the history books.

MOH: All COVID-19 VDS Will be Lifted Fully from 10 Oct 2022

The Ministry of Health has just announced that from 10 October 2022, all COVID-19 vaccination-differentiated safe management measures (VDS) will be lifted fully.

They said, “We have learned to live with the COVID-19 virus, having weathered several infection waves and progressively lifted safe management measures.

“As we resume normalcy in our daily activities, we will lift the vaccination-differentiated safe management measures fully from Oct 10, 2022.”

Lest you’ve forgotten, these are the only activities / places that have VDS:

  • Events with more than 500 participants at any one time
  • Nightlife establishments where dancing among patrons is one of the intended activities
  • Dining in at food and beverage establishments, including hawker centres.

Nevertheless, they said that the VDS measures have helped to protect those who are not fully vaccinated by reducing their exposure to settings with a higher risk of transmission, and in turn keeping the healthcare system from being overwhelmed when population-wide vaccination and infection rates were not yet sufficiently high.

However, people who are not fully vaccinated continue to face a higher risk of severe disease, therefore MOH urges them to get vaccinated, or “continue to take their own precautions and minimise social interactions to protect themselves.”

It added that should the situation worsen, necessary measures may be put in place at “short notice” to protect the public, safeguard the healthcare workers and conserve hospital capacity.

This may include “standing up” an appropriate level of vaccination-differentiated measures, as was necessary during the height of the pandemic.

Well, this technically mean you should still keep your TraceTogether token.

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