This Chinese Restaurant Pays Service Crew $3,250 a Month or $15 Per Hour


Oh man, does anymore remember their first part-time job?

Most of us were probably at Food and Beverage establishments, undoubtedly because they were the easiest jobs to get and pretty flexible enough to squeeze into a student’s schedule.

Busting our asses at bubble tea shops or busy fast food chains just for some extra allowance money… sobs

But if you look hard enough, some places offer pay rates slightly higher than the standard marketplace rate.

$15/h Part Time

Yes. $15. That’s a good amount of money to go out with your best friends for a filling after-school meal.

Who’s the dashing establishment that’s turning heads? In a Reddit post on 19 Feb, a Redditor uploaded a picture of the restaurant’s banner.

Located at various locations around Singapore, Tai Er (TAI ER太二酸菜鱼) has graciously offered a very competitive salary of $15/h for part-time,  $3,250 for full-time Dishwashers and Service Crew, and many more.

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Image: Reddit (u/Whiskerfield)

$3,000?? That’s the starting salary for some fresh university graduates. Ouch.

If you are wondering what kind of Chinese cuisine this restaurant serves, they specialise in Szechuan cuisine, and a look through their Facebook and Instagram will let you know you’ll need to be prepared to carry some slightly heavy dishes.

Interested applicants are probably already prepared for that. They might even be running to secure a spot. 


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Better Pay For Sure

Back to the Reddit post, some commentators shared the pay rates of other food establishments, while others lamented their pay rates back when they were working as students.

Image: Reddit (u/Whiskerfield)
Image: Reddit (u/Whiskerfield)

Some even noticed that the pay gap between the head chef and other restaurant crews is pretty close.

Image: Reddit (u/Whiskerfield)
Image: Reddit (u/Whiskerfield)

Closing the hierarchy gap is one way to see it.

In hindsight, the pay is much deserved because we all know that the service industry is one hell of a place to work in. Not forgetting the insane Karens determined to make sure it is hell.

Maybe fresh grads can consider working here part-time amidst their job search. It’s definitely a better alternative than being completely jobless.

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Featured Image: Instagram (taiersingapore) / Reddit (u/Whiskerfield)