The Reusable Mask Given by Gov Has a Brand & is Selling Online for $9.90 Per Pc


At a time when people are hoarding face masks and reselling them at unreasonably high prices, Singaporeans are lucky that the government is giving them out for free for the third time during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Six million reusable masks have been prepared for the exercise, and these new masks are more comfortable to wear and have better filtration qualities.

It’s so good, in fact, that it’s selling online for $9.90 per piece.

The Reusable Mask Given by Gov Has a Brand & is Selling Online for $9.90 Per Pc

If you’ve collected it, you’d realise that it has a brand.

Sold under the brand Ultra Mask, these new masks were created by Nanyang Technological University’s Food Science and Technology Lab and manufactured in countries including Indonesia and Cambodia.

According to the Ultra Mask website, which has publicly mentioned that they’re indeed the masks that would be covering many Singaporeans’ faces for the next few months, their new mask comes with several improvements that make it more efficient and comfortable to wear.

The first is added protection. The ultra mask comes with 2 layers of anti-bacterial organic cotton fabric and another layer of cooling and moisture-absorbing material.

Image: Ultra Mask

The anti-bacterial mask kills 99% of the bacteria and also has a bacteria filtration efficiency of 95%.

Image: Giphy

If you have sensitive skin, you’d be happy to know that this mask (or part of it since the material used is a secret) is also made out of 100% organic cotton, so it won’t irritate your skin.

Image: Ultra Mask

The fabric is also more “breathable”, as it was designed for smooth airflow and comfortable breathing.

In addition, wearing it out on a hot day won’t be a problem, because it has a quick-dry and cooling lining that reduces heat retention.

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The mask will be available in two sizes for adults and kids and can be reused up to 30 times.

One other thing to note is- wait a minute…

If one mask costs $9.90 and six million reusable masks were purchased for the exercise, this means that…

Image: Giphy

…the government spent nearly $60 million just to keep half our faces covered.

Image: Tenor



How To Wash an Ultra Mask

Ultra Mask’s website also shows users how to wash their ultra mask, and it’s not as difficult as you think.

All you have to do is rinse the front and back with room temperature water, add a drop of soap and rub it all over the mask, and then wash it off.

Image: Ultra Mask
Image: Ultra Mask
Image: Ultra Mask

And voila! You can use your mask again (after drying, of course).

Or, if you’re a lazy bastard like me, you could also wash your masks with your clothes in the washing machine.

There’s no need to purchase antibacterial laundry soap because there’s no evidence that they have any additional benefit.


Collection Drive Details

Your ultra mask will be available for collection from 26 May 2020 to 14 June 2020.

CCs and RCs will only be giving out these masks for the first week of the exercise, after which you’ll have to collect it from 24-hour vending machines placed at all CCs.

Image: People’s Association

The People’s Association advised households to send one family member to collect the ultra masks for everyone, so don’t make this collection an outdoor family adventure.

In the meantime, remember to mask up whenever you leave the house and stay safe!

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