11 Questions About the New Reusable Masks & Its Collection Details Answered For You


Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’d know that everyone has to wear a mask in public—even if you’re starting work come 2 June 2020.

And because Singapore is wealthy—I mean, because Singapore cares for its citizens—they’re providing yet another free reusable mask for every resident in Singapore from 26 May 2020, and this time, it’s some high-tech mask made with a material that’s being kept a secret.

So, when can you start to collect it, and most importantly, what colour is it?

Here are 11 facts you should know because this mask could well be part of your wardrobe for a long, long time.

Can People in Robertson Quay Collect Them, Too?

Some foreigners wondered if the masks are only for Singaporeans, since it’s mentioned that they’re for “Singapore residents”.

Singapore residents actually mean anyone living in Singapore long-term—whether you’re a Singaporean, Malaysian, Indian, American or Martian.

And that makes perfect sense since the whole idea is to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which affects anyone of any nationality, and not because election is coming #justsaying

However, for foreign workers living in dormitories, their masks would be given to them by the Ministry of Manpower instead of them collecting it themselves.

Does it Come in Nas Daily Size?

Context for this question:

With kids having to go to school with their mask on, the masks would now come in two sizes: one for adult and one for kids.

But if you’re Nas Daily and have a big nose, then too bad: there’s just one size for each version.

How Good Is It?

Well, it’s supposed to be super goody.

As mentioned in previous reports, the mask didn’t just stop the coronavirus from leaving your face when you sneeze or cough; it also has better bacterial filtration capabilities. Its breathability is supposedly as good as surgical masks, so you can breathe easy.

Though I reckon they’ve not solved the mother of all problems: fogging of glasses.

When Can You Collect It?

Unlike the previous two mask collection exercises whereby you’ve only about one week to collect them, this latest exercise will last for three weeks, from 26 May 2020 to 14 June 2020.


Though, unlike the previous collection exercises whereby you get to complain about the masks as you collect them, you can’t do so now if you collect them later.

Would the Government Send Them to My House?

Of course not.

Going to collect a mask is considered an essential activity, don’t use that excuse to be a Sovereign.

On the first week (26 May 2020 to 1 June 2020) of the collection exercise, you can collect from all 109 Community Centres and 611 Residents’ Committee (RC) Centres from 10am to 6pm.

If not, you can collect from a vending machine that’ll be in all CCs. The vending machines are open 24 hours.

Image: People’s Association

So if you want to collect it after the first week, you’d have to do so at a vending machine.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to prepare change for it.

How to Collect from Vending Machines?

It’s as easy as buying a drink.

Here’s a video that speaks a million words:

And if you’re watched it, you’d know the next point:


How Safe is the Vending Machine?

All the high touchpoints have been coated with some special disinfectants that’ll automatically kill the coronavirus when it comes in contact with it, so there are no worries about getting infected while doing your part to prevent infection.

Anyways, these special coatings are also on all HDB lift buttons, so please don’t use your keys to press any buttons as they might rub off the coatings.

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Where Are The Vending Machines and What if They Run Out of Stock When I am There?

Unlike the popular drinks in your office vending machine, these vending machines would be restocked very regularly, so you won’t need to worry if you’ve made a wasted trip.

But if anxiety is your middle name, then you can go to https://www.maskgowhere.gov.sg/  to check out the locations of the vending machine and whether it’s indeed out of stock, because it sucks when a joker decides to take 100 masks for everyone in his household.

Which leads to the next question…


Can I Get Someone to Collect for Me?

Yes, you can. In fact, People’s Association, the organization responsible for this exercise, suggests that one family member from a household should collect for everyone instead.

You just need to pass your NRIC or Government-issued identification document (with barcode) to your household member to do so.

How Many Times Can I Use the Reusable Masks?

How many times do you urinate in a year?

I’m not trying to be sarcastic (or am I?)  but it’s a perfect response: it really depends. However, it’s said that the masks can still have a bacterial filtration efficiency of at least 95% even after 30 washes, so suffice to say, it can last for at least one month if you wash it daily.

What is the Colour of the Masks?

Once, I saw someone without a mouth and thought that Hello Kitty exists in real life until I realised she was wearing a skin-coloured mask.

Colours are very important nowadays because mask is now part of our fashion.

Unfortunately, based on the packaging, it seems like it’d still be black, though the images shown in earlier reports showed that it was white.


The video of how it works also shows that you can’t choose any colours, so if fashion is your priority, then you might want to head down to online stores to buy other masks instead.

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