Rich Women Bored of Life, Turned to Shoplifting Competition for Entertainment


A shoplifting gang of six women was recently arrested in Yingcheng city, Hubei province, China.

Among them was a fifteen-year-old girl and they were all arrested for shoplifting.

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And that’s not the best part

It’s not because they couldn’t afford it.

They are wealthy women, who held a shoplifting competition among themselves, and were later caught after having stolen more than $3,000 in cosmetic products just for the fun of it.

They targetted the same two cosmetic shops two to three times a month for the months of June and July and their actions were caught on CCTV.

Ok. Tell me, what fun is there in raiding the same two store three times?

If they are seeking thrills, then wouldn’t the unfamiliarity of new stores up their excitement? But no, they have to victimize the same outlets and torment the staff with the usual distraction tactics, while the other five stole to their hearts content.


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This appears to be a clinical case of kleptomania, where the person has a “recurrent urge to steal, usually without any consideration for need or profit.

According to Dr Cupchik, the reason for such behavior could be due to a person having experienced “unfair, personally meaningful loss” and shoplifting can be seen as a hole they want to fill.

Five women are in police custody and the parents of the girl were told to discipline their daughter.

At least, now that we have some basic understanding of the psychology involved, let’s not criticize the six ladies anymore as long as they don’t steal from us.

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