‘Prankster’ Ordered Whole Roasted Pig With Cash-on-Delivery to a Malay Man in Tampines


F&B businesses have to deal with a lot, especially in this COVID-19 climate.

Here’s one more thing they have to deal with: possibly being used as a tool of harassment by unsavoury individuals such as loan sharks.

Prankster Ordered Whole Roasted Pig With Cash-on-Delivery Payment

On 16 Nov 2021, a man called up to Ming Wang Roasted Pig Supplier Pte Ltd to order an entire roasted pig.

The pig in question is worth S$188 and the man who made the order requested for Cash-on-Delivery mode of payment.

Even though unwilling, the boss, Hu, decided to accept the order because times are bad; it also helped that the man had allegedly told him that if he doesn’t receive the payment, he can call the police.

So, Hu made his way to the address, which is located at Blk 827A Tampines Street 81, with the order.

He knocked on the door, but no one answered.

After waiting for four hours, Hu, who was very frustrated and helpless, called the police for help.

Officers were seen on the scene in images posted by the Chinese newspaper.

Supposedly Sent To A Malay Man

According to Shin Min News Daily, the unit in question was occupied by a Malay couple with a helper.

MustShareNews further reported that the wife has recently passed on.

A reporter attempted to contact the man who placed the order on the number but couldn’t reach him.

Upon further checks, it was revealed that the number was registered to a company that provides “financial services”.

The police revealed that they have received a report of a suspected harassment case and are now investigating it.

Previous Incidents

Back on 31 May 2021, a Fernvale resident received food worth over S$1,000 that he or she definitely did not order.

A preliminary investigation by the police revealed that the orders were allegedly made by an unlicensed moneylender.


Two months before that on April 2021, a landed property in Braddell Heights received 20 food delivery orders that the owners did not order.

It turns out that the domestic worker for the family, an Indonesian maid, had borrowed money from loan sharks after learning that her family members were sick and in urgent need of treatment.

And two months prior to that, in February, loan sharks ordered multiple food deliveries for two different residents living in Upper Aljunied and Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3.

The first resident at Upper Aljunied had a total of 12 food delivery riders gathering at her flat’s parking area, while the second resident at Ang Mo Kio had over 8 riders show up in the span of an hour.

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Feature Image: Facebook (Shin Min Daily News)