A Minister of State Has Bought Her First Office Bag from Robinsons & It Broke 2 Weeks Before Robinsons’ Announcement

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Coincidences are often unbelievable because they’re too well-timed.

Maybe you met your primary school friend ten years later while on holiday or sneezed when someone talked about you.

But it’s no coincidence that when you read Goody Feed, you get smarter.

Though not all are bad, we do have one particularly…interesting one today regarding Robinsons’ closure announcement.

Broken Bag

If you’re a Singaporean, you probably know who Ms Sun Xueling is.

Or maybe you might’ve skipped the entire general elections.

She’s basically our Minister of State in the Ministry for Education and Ministry for Social and Family Development, and a Member of Parliament (MP) for Punggol West SMC.

Image: Facebook (Sun Xueling)

So yeah, a pretty big deal.

Sun posted on Facebook the same day of Robinson’s announcement, 30 October, that she was “stunned” at the news.

She claimed to have been a patron of the Raffles City branch from 2003 since her first full-time job.

That’s some serious brand dedication, right there.

Sun even attached a picture of her first office bag purchased from the store.

Image: Facebook (Sun Xueling)

Though if you look closer, you’ll notice a broken zip on the chair.

Happened Two Weeks Before Announcement

According to Sun, the zip apparently broke two weeks ago.


She claims that it might’ve been a “premonition” of what was to come, though the bag still works fine.

The bag is around 15 years old, and for Sun, a “memento, of my memories of Robinsons, and my adult years.”

Sun also said that the bag has been with her on many overseas trips such as China, HongKong, London, Brazil.

The post has garnered over 1,600 likes, 110 comments and shared around 28 times as of this writing.

And naturally, many in the comments also shared her sadness about the store’s closure.

I too am one of them.


Image: Facebook (Sun Xueling)

Rest in peace, old reliable.

Closing Remaining Outlets

It is a pretty big bummer that Robinsons is closing for good.

After 162 years of operations, an announcement was made on 30 October that the last two outlets at The Heeren and Raffles City would be gone.

The legacy ends where it began, as the founding outlet was at Commercial Square or modern-day Raffles Place.


They also had to close down another outlet at JEM in August.

The senior general manager said that amongst other problems, COVID-19 made the situation only worse.

At the very least, employees will still be paid and supported in their future job prospects.

Speaking of worse, you may have also heard about the closure of Parkson Departmental Store.

Past frequenters of Johor Bahru will know how popular the store was, even among Singaporeans.


It has been permanently closed as of 4 October.

2020 is almost over, please don’t get any sadder. 

You can read ten facts about Robinsons here.